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How likely is it that central London will become a 20mph zone?

Just don’t tell these guys central London may become a 20mph zone. The City of London has just approved an investigation in to the benefits of applying a 20mph speed limit across the whole of the Square Mile. This follows similar moves by Islington council and Camden council. The idea is that the lower speed […]

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Healthy eating as a cyclist

With the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) announcing that inactivity is now as big a killer as smoking, it’s a great time to keep feeling smug as a cyclist. To supplement that, I would love to know if you guys follow any specific healthy eating habits? As always, please leave a comment […]

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Samsung Galaxy s3 bike mount

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: “My Samsung Galaxy S3 would be incredibly useful if it was mounted to my bike handlebars.” You’ll want to take a look at the new Tigra bike mounts. Today, the Samsung Galaxy S3 version is available and by mid December they’ll be a version available for the iPhone 5. […]

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What I loved and hated about cycling in Copenhagen

Last weekend I visited Copenhagen. I fully expected to return full of gushing praise and write up a post on how Copenhagen is the most brilliant place ever created. Then, I could fill it with great pictures of fashionable cyclists riding around the city. Indeed, there we many things that amazed me. For a start, […]

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Renting a bike in London

Its amazing how often I get asked the question: “Where do I rent a bike in London?” If it’s a motorbike then on erento. However, I’m guessing most people are referring to the human powered kind, with two pedals. Unless, you’ve been reading this bike blog for the past 2 years and thought that by […]

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DHB Slice cyclist backpack review

I’ve got a small confession to make… I’m somewhat bag obsessed! I love the feeling of a good bag; that feels comfortable on my back, has pockets where I need them, keeps my bits and bobs safe and is quick to access. That’s why we’ve had so many bag reviews in the past on London […]

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Is your company part of the Cycle to Work scheme?

The Cycle to Work scheme allows you to pay for a new bike and accessories through monthly salary sacrifices. Compared to simply walking in to a shop and buying a bike, you can end up saving up to 42%. I imagine that by now most London Cyclist readers know about this. I’d like to hear […]

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Fibre Flare bike light review

The Fibre Flare is a bike light with a difference. For a start, it looks like one of those glow sticks you snap in half in a nightclub. This was also the first thing I was tempted to do, and according to the manufacturer you can safely bend it up to 45 degrees. In fact […]

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Excessive locking?

Kryptonite Bike Lock – Are Kryptonite Locks the Best?

Out of all the bike locks there’s only one that I trust when locking my bike. Can you guess which one? The Kryptonite New York 3000. Kryptonite New York Bike Lock Sure it might be expensive to buy at first (around £55) and sure it’s a heavy beast to carry around, but it beats buying […]

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Can you ride 180 miles?

Last year, along with 1,400 other riders, I took part in the London Revolution. The ride follows a circular route around the outskirts of London, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery. You can do the entire route or you can choose one of the two days. This year it’s back and registrations are […]

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Where do you leave your bike at night?

At night, my bike accompanies me in my house. Creating an obstacle course that all guests have to pass, if they want to get to my lounge. I’d be interested in hearing where London Cyclist readers leave their bikes at night. Do you double lock it outside or do you bring it in to the […]

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A step by step system for easily maintaining your bike at home

The essentials to bike maintenance – Allen keys and a bottle of wine! Slow changing gears, brakes that don’t bring a bike to a quick stop and strange creaks coming from near your pedals. Everyone recognises the symptoms of a bike in need of attention. Most people would love to have a bike that runs […]

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