20 of the most popular tweets of the past 6 months

Twitter remains one of my favourite ways to keep in touch with everyone who follows London Cyclist. It’s often the first place I find out about new things and quickly share them with the 2,800 people who follow. It’s also a great way for me to quickly answer questions people have.

I wanted to take a quick look through some of the top things that I’ve tweeted in the past 6 months to see what sort of things are really popular amongst Twitter readers:

  1. London Cycle Hire Status Map – Very cool visualisation of the usage of the cycle hire scheme
  2. What cyclists can be fined for – This received 500 clicks from just 1 tweet. Obviously something people are interested in!
  3. Silly ways to use the cycle hire scheme – posted on the day of the cycle hire scheme launch I’m guessing this got plenty of fan fare from the fact it was a trending topic for the day
  4. Guide to cycling in London – The free PDF eBook I launched on London Cyclist
  5. The world’s loudest bicycle horn – I guess anything with “The world’s loudest” is going to have big success!
  6. Where to get your bike tagged – Lists the dates the police are tagging bikes in London. Goes to show people are very interested in bike safety.
  7. Guardian compares the London Cycle Hire Scheme to the Paris one – The sheer interest around the Cycle Hire scheme and anything related to it has been staggering in the past 30 days.
  8. London Cycle Cafe’s – who? where? what? – A look at the London Cycle Cafe’s everyone has been talking about
  9. Who are the least courteous drivers in London? – Ask a controversial question and you’re sure to get some heated debates
  10. Cycle training pays off in Sheffield – It cost the equivalent of a metre of highway and led to an estimated increase in cycling of 70%
  11. Hello Joe competition – High vis clothing is a big hit with London Cyclist readers as are giveaways!  
  12. Every bicycle theft victims dream – a YouTube video showing the somewhat cruel revenge on a bicycle thief
  13. Why bike thieves should be very afraid – The new cycle task force is in London
  14. 10 London cycling events you shouldn’t miss out on – Be part of the London cycling community, try out these events!
  15. Top 50 cycling blogs 2010 – A pain to put together but always a big hit!
  16. Why do police target cyclists who jump red lights? – A question we all want the answer to
  17. Cyclist fined £700 after jumping red light – Shows you why you should just accept the fine
  18. Danny McAskill in Chamonix – Great YouTube from a cycling superstar
  19. London Cyclist releases eBook with 25 London Cycle Routes – And I’m glad to say it has been well received!
  20. Daily Mail hate campaign against cyclists – Unfortunately Tweets like this are very popular which I guess is why the Daily Mail continues to write articles like it.

What will the next 6 months of twittering bring us? Who knows! But it’s certain controversy, giveaways and intrigue and the three things that bring in the Twitter clicks!

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

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