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Testing my limits with new  terrain has been fun

Could cyclocross be your next adventure?

There are tons of things you can do on two wheels. You can ride long, winding roads, ticking off the hills across the country; you could load up a touring steed like a snail shell and travel from place to place with all your belongings. You could speed down trails, or even pull some stunts […]

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No shower at your office? No problem!

Guest post by Jude from Cycling with Heels. The shower at my workplace has recently been deep cleaned. I’m not suggesting that this has never happened before, but it was enough of a novelty that Facilities put up signs weeks before the event, alerting us to its imminent occurrence and asking us to remove any belongings. […]

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Here's an example of brake pads that could do with replacing - and the amount of grit that can get washed up on one ride.

Tips for wet weather riding

It can be tempting to poke your nose outside as rain falls from the sky in buckets, shake your head, and take the train instead – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wet weather riding can be strangely liberating if done right – and if you can’t enjoy it, there are things you can do […]

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The Expedit for a cyclist

Bike kit storage that doesn’t cost the room

Cycling starts off as a lovely simple hobby – you pop on your trainers, strap a helmet to your head, jump on the bike and off you go. Then – a couple of years pass and suddenly you have multiple pedals, a collection of steeds, several helmets for different purposes, and more saddles and stems […]

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Here are three London bike rides taking place soon

The LFGSS rides forum is one of the best places to hear about social rides taking place in London. Here’s a recently selection.. October 19th: London Borough Spiral Ride This 180km ride has been organised by the forums members. Its a spiral loop that will take in all 32 of London’s boroughs. It starts in Sidcup […]

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RideLondon 100: Top 10 training hacks for cycle commuters

In this guest post, cycling blogger Andrew Montgomery writes about how to turn your bike commuting routine into a training programme for longer distance cycling events. After completing the inaugural 100-mile RideLondon sportive, Andrew has written a free ebook guide to help other beginner cyclists complete their first long distance cycle ride. Take it away Andrew… Lack of time is a common frustration […]

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A guide to your first triathlon

If you only listened to health news lately you’d think the entire western world is overweight and ill-prepared to do anything about it. But despite what the reports say about the number of obese people and those who lead mostly sedentary lives, plenty of people are out there being active. In fact there has been […]

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Professional London bike fitting review

I have to be honest and say the idea of having a professional bike fitting is not something that’s appealed to me at all in the past. At over £100, the idea of someone adjusting the bike for me seemed odd –after all, it’s something I could do myself for free. But having experienced a […]

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Indoor and Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions

Summer is on its way and London’s roads are filling up with cyclists, many inspired by last year’s Olympics and encouraged by the proliferation of Boris Bikes on the streets of the capital. Bicycle ownership in London increases year on year, with 2012’s annual travel report for London estimating that a staggering 700,000 people cycle […]

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Cyclepedia bike app for iPad

Bike apps for the iPad

To celebrate the launch of our very own Bike Doctor iPad app, I wanted to do a roundup of some of the excellent apps available to cyclists on their iPads. Bike apps on the iPad are primarily dominated by mapping apps, cycling magazines and a seemingly infinite supply of games! Bike Doctor 2.0 Our app! […]

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Boris Bike forum screenshot

10 of the best cycling forums

Cyclists like connecting with fellow cyclists, whether it’s at cycling events, through bike clubs or on online forums. I’ve picked out a list of the best cycling forums here that I’ve found. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. CTC Forum This is a great, laid-back forum that beginner cyclists will find […]

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Explore the city

10 things I wish I’d known when I first started cycling

Use two different locks I’ll never forget the day I walked back to the bike shed after my college lessons, only to find my bike had disappeared. Confused I asked myself: Did I lock my bike? Is this a friend of mine playing a practical joke? Did I even ride my bike in today? The […]

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