Setting aside the fear of theft and just riding

My post today was going to be all about the partial rebuild of my Mixte by Racer Rosa. I was due to pick her up yesterday lunchtime but I had an emergency to deal with at work and so I had to postpone the pick up until later in the week 🙁

When I was deciding what to do with the Mixte, the one I picked up on eBay,  the question that I struggled with was this:

Should I just do what I could to clean the bike up and replace the bits that really needed replacing but retain the original bike as far as possible or, should I go hell for leather, replace as many components as needed to make what is a supremely comfortable frame into the kind of bike that I really want. 

The purist in me said just to clean her up and roll with it.  But I couldn’t let that frame go to waste.

One thing I’ve realised over the last few months is that I really don’t have the time for the kind of riding I’d like… long and frequent weekend rides alone or with others.  I have too many commitments.  So my cycling has to be primarily for transport.  For simply getting me from A to B, but in comfort and a tiny bit of style.

When I first started writing this column I said I was halfway between a roadie and a Pashley Princess.  And I still am because what I still want most is a road bike, but I have to be able to take it out and not be afraid to leave it for fear of getting it nicked.  And I can’t do that with the Wilier.  So, I had to make sure that a bike works for me but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted vintage or faux vintage.  Or a vintage with new parts?

The answer was, do up the frame, get it tagged, buy the biggest lock known to humankind and just ride it.  All the time.

I’ll let you know how she goes when I get her back.

Also by Nicole:

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5 Responses to Setting aside the fear of theft and just riding

  1. John 14/06/2011 at 10:21 pm #

    That would have been my answer to the problem as well.

  2. Pete 15/06/2011 at 3:21 am #

    I got myself an old frame as a commuter bike and had it painted and put all new components on it. Even though it is a bit of a tank compared to my other bikes it is a dream to ride

    Enjoy the ride.

  3. AdamS 17/06/2011 at 12:43 pm #

    Who actually needs an expensive bike? Answer not many people outside of racing professionals. If you choose to have one then fine but you will spend time worrying about it.

    I think the secret is to be realistic about one’s cycling ability and not too see oneself as a super athlete or fashionista who simply MUST have the best carbon framed fixed wheel ponce bike going. Instead just see it is a better way of travelling and go for something cheap that does the job and is far less likely to get nicked.

  4. Skippy 20/06/2011 at 9:02 am #

    You think you have problems in London ?

    Giro d’Italia 3rd sunday had a finish on a hill 6km long , only problem was “NO BIKES ALLOWED” ! People from all over arrived to find they were expected to “Ditch” their expensive Carbon Bikes and walk in their cycle shoes to where they thought they would “cheer” the racers !

    Great Opportunity for the thieves and the Cafe’s and restaurants did HUGE business through this period .

    Saw 20 cyclists from Sydney in the nearby village who were inconvenienced by this episode !

    RCS who own Giro put out a book for the Journos called the “garibaldi” and they say they will advise next time !

    How many bikes were stolen ? Heard of many stolen off Camper Vans at night so there would have been rich pickings !

    Can understand the dilemma of theis posts author . Visit http://www.tourdafrance if you wish to win some “Conti tyre products” as you assist “Para Cyclists” !

  5. Skippy 20/06/2011 at 9:05 am #

    s/be and you can join on twitter @skippydetour

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