Pictures that will make you want to grab your bike and see where it takes you

Adventure Nomad: Mountain Biking The Hills Of Chiang Dao

Mountain biking the hillso f chaing dao

Chiang Dao is a town just north of Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand. It is a popular place to start mountain biking excursions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any trail maps and so hiring a guide is the best option. Fortunately, our guide, King Saksipong (on the right), is one of the best.

Tim Welch: Riding up to Mt Aspiring Hut

Riding up to Mt Aspiring Hut

Bruce and Tim head up the trail to the Mt Aspiring hut – near Wanaka

Ben Cooper: Passo Pordoi

Ben Cooper's Passo Pordoi

This is from Cycling Tips Blog and their what you missed series. They also currently have an awesome calendar out that is selling incredibly well.

Greg Descantes: the hell of pitt meadows

The hell of pitt meadows

Tim & Axel happy to be done the Harris Roubaix, held on the same Sunday as that other race in nasty conditions in France. Uploaded by: Gordon Ross

Russ Roca

Russ Roca

The photo was taken just North of Trinidad, California. We were riding through a dense gauntlet of trees when down the road there was a heavenly shaft of light pouring through. I waved Laura through and took the photo just as she passed under the light.

This one is from EcoVelo. For some similarly awesome pictures checkout the EcoVelo calendar.

Andy_C: Matt on Shrek

Matt on Shrek

Dropping back into Verbier after another day of divine singletrack and stunning views. Worth looking at in large for the huge views.

CycleActive: UK Lake District mountain biking holiday

UK lake district mountain biking holiday

Girl in the cafe: London Cyclist at Night

London cyclist at night

Image from the fantastic Girl in the cafe check her out on Twitter

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

3 Responses to Pictures that will make you want to grab your bike and see where it takes you

  1. Tom 04/01/2010 at 10:20 am #

    Great shots!

    Here’s another for the camping cyclists!

  2. Su Yin 04/01/2010 at 10:34 am #

    I didn’t have to go very far for mine. Lovin’ summer in NZ.

    If you ever do make it over to these parts, the Otago Rail Trail is a pretty popular scenic and historic route. Otherwise, you generally can’t go wrong anywhere in the South Island

  3. Andreas 04/01/2010 at 12:40 pm #

    @Tom, awesome picture, added it to my favourites on Flickr and I’m sure I’ll use it in a post in future if you don’t mind.
    @Su Yin, nice picture, looks like a very peaceful spot. Thanks for recommending the Rail Trail I’ll remember it if I visit (probably when I visit I should say!)

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