Made In England: The artisans behind the hand built bicycle

Made in England Cover

Matthew Sowter, a reader of London Cyclist blog, is soon launching a new book around bespoke bike building. With the interest in this topic being high, I invited him along to share some details on the forthcoming book launch.

With more and more people wanting bespoke these days, there’s a huge resurgence of frame building all over the world, but no more so than our own doorstep, where there’s a long history in building custom bicycles.

Ricky Feather and Matthew Sowter have travelled England to explore the working lives of a selection of the top frame builders in the country, to bring together a book about these craftsmen.

The book, aptly named Made in England, will reveal the conversations they had with each frame builder in their own workshop. Being award-winning frame builders themselves, Matthew and Ricky are able to showcase the craft in a unique way as each builder shares their quirks, skills and methods. This 200+ page book will also feature some exquisite photographs of the frame builders in their working environment – right from the raw, rough workshops and hand carved lugs, through to the sleek, beautifully finished frames.

Matthew and Ricky want to share their passion for frame building through this book; to inspire more people into the industry and give insight into the blood, sweat and tears that make up being a frame builder. They want to show the people behind these crafts and why the custom frame building industry is as popular as it is today and why Britain has some of the best builders in the world.

Matthew, after working at Enigma as a frame builder under the guidance of Mark Reilly, decided to initiate the book, together with Ricky, one of the most promising frame builders in the U.K and the owner of Feather Cycles. The photographs are shot by Kayti Peschke, originally a global fashion photographer but who’s involvement in the cycling world has grown rapidly over recent years. Samuel Moore of Grid Creative shares the passion for this project which makes him a key member of the team as he is responsible for the overall look and feel of the book!

Made In England will be launched in October this year and will be retailing at £35.

Don’t miss out on pre-ordering your copy to be one of 400 that get a signed copy from the authors along with a personal message! Visit:

To follow the progress of the book follow them on:  and

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