Leader of the Conservative party no stranger to bike theft *Again!*

How to steal a bike from David Cameron:

  • Lift it off the 3ft bollard it is chained to and walk away with it
  • If above step fails, bring a pair of pliers and break the chain off
  • The above criminal mastermind guide of “how to steal a bike” has been well used on the Conservative party leader.

    davidcameronThis is the second time David’s bike has been stolen. He famously uses it as a green symbol (and presumably as a way of avoiding congested public transport). Recently however it was revealed that his chauffeur-driven car follows him to work with his briefcase and shoes. This has led some commentators to suggest a solution for Cameron: to have a car to follow the car that follows Dave’s bike when he’s cycling.

    Before you shed a tear for David Cameron, remember that the first time the bike was stolen it was retrieved through a business man’s local contacts (Admittedly missing the front wheel). Lets see if that happens again. David of course is not the only one to get their bike stolen. Take for example Jonathan Coppack who rode his bike 6,000 miles for charity and then had his bike stolen from outside his home. Unfortunately, many cyclists do not return to cycling after a bike theft.

    David, if you are reading this then maybe you should have checked out our video with tips on how to prevent bike theft and perhaps how to made your bike look less desirable.

    In London new solutions to bike theft include an M shaped stand that encourages a cyclist to secure the right parts of their bike. The police have also trialled leaving notes to cyclists that have not properly secured their bike.

    As for Cameron; oh well, lessons learned.

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    As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

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    1. Blue 19/10/2008 at 1:47 am #

      I hate thieves….

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