The bike light you can drop in a pint glass

Knog blinder being dropped in to a pint glass

The clever chaps over at Knog in Australia, have come up with a new bike light. The Knog Blinder 1. It’s a bike light that you can drop in a pint.

Here are three reasons you’ll love it:

  1. It can be dropped in a pint. Not only does this make for a cool trick in the pub to impress your mates “yeah yeah great Andreas, now go get me another pint” but it also means that you’ll never have to worry about rain water causing problems.
  2. It is USB chargeable. This light can be charged over 300 times. That saves you a whole lot of battery purchases and means you can go around with your nose held as high as a resident of Paris, thanks to your eco credentials.
  3. Considering the tiny “stick it in your pocket and forget about it” size, the Knog Blinder is very bright. That is thanks to an “advanced optic lens design”.

Here’s why you won’t:

  1. The Knog Blinder isn’t bright enough to illuminate the path ahead. It is a bike light that is only really useful for being seen. Therefore, if you’ve got particularly dark sections of your route home, you’ll need a supplementary light.
  2. Not the best side illumination

Convinced, take a look at the many different designs here. Want to read a more in depth review? Read on!

Knog Blinder 1 review

The Knog Blinder 1 can be picked up for anything between £18 and £35. It’s really worth shopping around, but so far the best prices I’ve found are on Amazon if you scroll down here.

Anyhoo – it has the usual features I really like on a Knog Bike light. For example, you can hold the button down and the light will go off. That’s better than having to scroll through the four different lighting modes, every time you need to turn the light off. It’s a small touch, but a welcome one.

The bike light will also let you know when its running low on battery. You’ll suddenly hear an Australian voice coming from your handlebars that will say “hey! hey! charge me up skipper”. I can only assume that the voice is one of Knog’s employees.

Okay, it doesn’t really alert you that way, but there will be a little flashing light that will let you know.

Knog Blinder on bike

The big question is: How bright is this bike light? Considering the size, it’s very bright. It’s a really great little light for been seen by drivers. However, it won’t be bright enough to illuminate the path ahead. It’s certainly not as bright for example as the Knog Boomer USB. Therefore, most cyclists will need to use two lights, especially at the moment, as it feels like its dark 24 hours a day.

The Knog Blinder is quick to recharge and has enough battery life to last most commutes at 2 hours on the constant on mode and 11 hours on flashing mode.

It has the typical Knog silicone style mounting style, which means you can quickly clip it on and off your bike.

The main downside I can see to the Knog is that it doesn’t offer the best side illumination. This is a shame as it would complete the package.

Overall, we’ll give the Knog Blinder 4/5

Take a look at the different designs available here.

Knog blinder on the bicycle handlebars

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.


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  1. Lunar Cycles 14/12/2012 at 2:36 pm #

    This might have just convinced me to stock these again…

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