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Waterproof cap

Waterproof winter cycling gear checklist

Here’s a question I received from a London Cyclist reader: Last year I followed my usual policy of riding fairly deep into winter, except for unusually wet or snowy weather, then woosing out and commuting by train. The reason for this was that I don’t have “proper” cycling gear, just a few bike shirts and […]

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U lock

5 flimsy bike locks you should avoid

Have you ever had a bike stolen? I have and I’m sure most London Cyclist readers will have as well. Cycle in London for long enough and it’s an unfortunate probability, that you will one day be a victim of bike theft. That’s why I highly recommend bicycle insurance. Cyclists don’t help their probabilities however […]

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Topeak trunk bag

Topeak MTX TrunkBag DX review

Commuting in 30 degrees plus heat has, for the most part, been a pleasure – especially given how long and cold winter was, and particularly, as colleagues have been complaining about the tube being hotter than the legal maximum temperature in which you are allowed to transport cattle. But a downside is the fact that, […]

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I Bike London T-shirt

Top 10 summer cycling accessories

Summertime madness is here and of course it is the perfect time to see London by bike. Here is a roundup of some fun summer cycling accessories for you. Wine bottle holder for your bicycle Who wouldn’t want this wine bottle holder? It suggests elegance, fun and a willingness to get a little bit tipsy […]

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Spinlister - rent out bikes

Got a spare bike? Rent it out with Spinlister

I’m currently visiting Medellin in Colombia and I can’t help but think what a joy it would be to rent a nice bike for a day and explore the hills and nooks and crannies of this beautiful city. Currently, I have to rely on local bike shops that often rent out clunky, badly maintained bikes. […]

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Seat your child on your bike

Guide to carrying your child on a bike

The Guardian’s Peter Walker recently posted an excellent video of bike carriers in action. I wanted to share the video here and roundup some of the options mentioned that are available to cyclists. You can wait until your kids are old enough to hop on their own little tyke bike, or you can start earlier […]

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Sennheiser/Adidas headphones for cycling

While cycling the streets of London there is plenty to keep you distracted: honking motorists, distracted pedestrians, traffic lights and slovenly cyclists. On a long bike ride, it could be nice to be able to listen to some music or the radio. Ah, if only there was some safe way to allow the avid cyclist […]

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Endura Argyll Sock

Endura Urban Range review

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or new to it all, it’s easy to get caught up in the notion that if you ride a bike, you have to wear lycra. On my commute to work each day I tend to see people dressed one of two ways: either head to toe in lycra, or in […]

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Bike locked with the Tigr Lock

Tigr Lock Review – Not your typical bike lock

What if I told you that a bike lock exists that weighs about a third of a typical lock and offers the same level of protection? You’ll probably look at me like I’ve lost my mind. You’d tell me that can’t be possible and you’d stop reading my cycling blog. Don’t click away yet, I’ve […]

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Torm (and a review of the T2 jersey)

Like many other people, I try and use independent bike shops where I can. The LBS, as it is known, is a dying part of communities up and down the country and more and more bike shops are now chains. It occurred to me that while it’s all well and good supporting the LBS, doesn’t […]

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Cycle cape

Use a Waterproof Cycling Cape or Poncho to Stay Dry on Your Bike

As cycling becomes more than a hobby, more options are open to cyclists when it comes to accessories. Thanks to Merino wool there are now tons of stylish clothes than are appropriate both on and off the bicycle and thanks to the popularity of bicycle culture, there are tons of bike accessories, vacations and tools […]

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Many thing video footage view

Manything turns your old iPhone or iPod touch in to a security camera

We’ve reviewed iPad bike apps, iPhone apps and Android apps on London Cyclist and we’ve even talked about the implication of new technology such as Google Glass on cycling. Therefore, when this new app came in to our inbox, we thought it was worth mentioning to readers. Manything is a free app for your iPhone or […]

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