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Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 rider

New bike lights by Knog: Knog Blinder Arc 1.7 and 5.5 review

Christmas may have come and gone but the nights continue to be long and dark and, as cyclists, that means that a good set of lights is essential. While in London we really only need lights ‘to be seen’ rather than to see where we are going, for those of us who like to spend […]

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Photo by 
Alexander Baxevanis

What I learned talking to Westminster’s transport boss about cycling

I recently interviewed Westminster Council’s City Commissioner for Transport, Martin Low, as part of a feature for The House magazine. Due to space constraints I didn’t get to use everything he said in our wide-ranging chat; here are some highlights: Westminster rejects the idea of a central London daytime HGV ban He spells out two […]

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DHB Vaeon Set

Top rated arm and leg warmers

Arm and leg warmers are possibly one of the most useful inventions known to cyclists. Perhaps that is an exaggeration – the bike might take precedence, but they are in the top 10. I mentioned these lovely little pieces of gear recently in a piece about kit for autumn rides – but these deserve a […]

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Spot your stolen bike in this police gallery

The Met Police have uploaded a gallery with pictures of some of the 2,000 unclaimed bikes they stored across the capital. Have a flick through and see if you can spot your stolen bike! The gallery is part of an announcement today that bike theft is down 11% across the capital, since October 2012. This […]

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Teva Mens Carbon Shoe review

While many cyclists are completely devoted to their cleats on whatever bike, I ride with cleats when I’m out cycling for leisure, but when I’m commuting I tend to wear normal trainers. There are a number of reasons for this: when commuting in London, my route (unsurprisingly) has a fair amount of traffic lights, meaning […]

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Boris bike cycle hire scheme in hyde park

Cycle hire scheme upgrades solve niggling issues for users

With the cycle hire scheme expanding to South and West London with 2,000 shiny new bikes, TfL has some upgrades in store for us users. For a start, there is now a local rate call number (0343 222 6666) for any questions you have for the cycle hire team. This is great for us mobile phone […]

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20 mph speed sign

20mph comes to central London

All cyclists know, a car overtaking you at 50mph, sending a gust of wind and noise in your direction is not particularly pleasant. Streets with lower speed limits are far more enjoyable to cycle on. Fortunately, the City of London will soon be joining its adjoining councils in adopting 20mph speed limits. This new, lower […]

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Urban cycling skills training

Where to go on a free cycle training course in London?

The best advice I’ve ever received as a cyclist? Go on a cycle training course! Despite being a confident cyclist, a friend of mine, LCC trustee David Love, convinced me I should go. I did, and it completely changed the way I cycle. After I’d been on the course I noticed dangerous situations I was putting […]

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French student killed whilst riding Boris Bike

#space4cycling protest rides reflect growing anger at slow progress by TfL, Mayor and councils

After the death of 20-year old French student Philippine De Gerin-Ricard and 54-year old Alan Neve, London cyclists took to the street to voice their frustration at the lack of progress in creating safer streets for cycling. The first protest ride attracted 1500 cyclists and the second around 2500. They were organised by the LCC in […]

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The smartphone enhanced cyclist

Back in the day is a phrase I find myself increasingly using. Back in the day, I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 18. Back in the day, the internet made funny noises when it connected. Back in the day, I had to use a bike computer to measure how fast I was going. Now, […]

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Waterloo bridge no bike lane

How westminster plans to keep the cyclists out and Simon Cowell in

One day, cycling around Soho, a Rolls Royce with blackened windows was stuck behind me. With cars parked on the left, the road was too narrow for the driver to pass. It felt a little intimidating to be holding up this big hunk of metal. Eventually, the road widened and the car overtook me. Pulling […]

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MITIE London Revolution is now the largest multi-day sportive in the UK

Maybe it’s the outdoor cinema showing The Flying Scotsman, the proximity to London, or the 180 mile route that covers some of the most beautiful British countryside. Whatever it is, the MITIE London Revolution has just become the largest multi-day sportive in the country, with over 1,800 riders attending and that number is only going […]

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