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20 mph speed sign

20mph comes to central London

All cyclists know, a car overtaking you at 50mph, sending a gust of wind and noise in your direction is not particularly pleasant. Streets with lower speed limits are far more enjoyable to cycle on. Fortunately, the City of London will soon be joining its adjoining councils in adopting 20mph speed limits. This new, lower […]

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Urban cycling skills training

Where to go on a free cycle training course in London?

The best advice I’ve ever received as a cyclist? Go on a cycle training course! Despite being a confident cyclist, a friend of mine, LCC trustee David Love, convinced me I should go. I did, and it completely changed the way I cycle. After I’d been on the course I noticed dangerous situations I was putting […]

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French student killed whilst riding Boris Bike

#space4cycling protest rides reflect growing anger at slow progress by TfL, Mayor and councils

After the death of 20-year old French student Philippine De Gerin-Ricard and 54-year old Alan Neve, London cyclists took to the street to voice their frustration at the lack of progress in creating safer streets for cycling. The first protest ride attracted 1500 cyclists and the second around 2500. They were organised by the LCC in […]

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The smartphone enhanced cyclist

Back in the day is a phrase I find myself increasingly using. Back in the day, I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 18. Back in the day, the internet made funny noises when it connected. Back in the day, I had to use a bike computer to measure how fast I was going. Now, […]

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Waterloo bridge no bike lane

How westminster plans to keep the cyclists out and Simon Cowell in

One day, cycling around Soho, a Rolls Royce with blackened windows was stuck behind me. With cars parked on the left, the road was too narrow for the driver to pass. It felt a little intimidating to be holding up this big hunk of metal. Eventually, the road widened and the car overtook me. Pulling […]

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MITIE London Revolution is now the largest multi-day sportive in the UK

Maybe it’s the outdoor cinema showing The Flying Scotsman, the proximity to London, or the 180 mile route that covers some of the most beautiful British countryside. Whatever it is, the MITIE London Revolution has just become the largest multi-day sportive in the country, with over 1,800 riders attending and that number is only going […]

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Cycle London to Cambridge for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Cycling in London is brilliant but for me, using my bike to get out of London, either on organised rides or spontaneous trips, is even better. Once you’re out of the city there’s rolling hills, beautiful countryside and, of course, much less traffic. One of the best ways to get out of London by bike […]

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Spin LDN the new urban cycle show is coming to east London

On May bank holiday, The Truman Brewery in East London will play host to a new urban bike show – Spin LDN. We caught up with founder, director (and subsequently sleep deprived) Alex Daw to find out more about the event. The first thing I had to ask was why? “I want to celebrate the […]

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Bike parking in New York inspired by London designers

Wobbly old steel Sheffield stands on the corner of a desolate car park aren’t particularly exciting. However, Cyclehoop don’t deal in your regular run of the mill bike parking. They create cycle parking solutions out of existing objects available in urban areas. The city of New York has recently signed a contract worth $2 million […]

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If there is a war on Britain’s roads, the car just claimed another victory

Swearing, aggression and lots of angry road users featured heavily in last nights BBC documentary. You can still watch it, if you want to grit your teeth at every close call here: It will only be available for about 5 days, at which point it will be banished in to the BBC archives. Which […]

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Police cracking down on cyclists in London’s parks

A few weeks back, I was trying to become a little less pasty, by catching the sun near the Highgate Ponds in Hampstead Heath. Being a people (and bike) watcher, I observed the number of cyclists pedalling past. All of them were riding respectfully around pedestrians, but you could see it was frustrating for pedestrians. […]

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Is a two day cycling event what London’s cyclists really need?

Next year there will be a two day cycling event that will provide a lasting legacy for the 2012 Olympic Games. This is according to an announcement today by London’s mayor Boris Johnson. The two day festival will be held on August the 3rd and 4th. This was initially announced back in January, with Boris […]

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