20 Best Instagram Accounts for Cyclists and Cycling Inspiration

If cycling is in your blood and you need a fix, these twenty Instagram accounts are perfect for keeping up to date with cycling. They might also convince you to break out of London, hit a trail or cycle abroad! Follow these twenty accounts and get inspired.


100 Copies brings something a little different to the mix with bicycle art for your dwelling. You will find paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces that you have never dreamed of. Some of the art incorporates bicycle parts into the art, making it unique. You’ll also find Chinese ink and straw work and so much more. There’s something for nearly every taste so if you’ve been looking for inspiring artwork for your home or office, check them out.


A photo posted by Garrett Chow (@garrett_chow) on

Garrett Chow has an Instagram that screams adventure. You can see photos of exciting adventures out on the trail, as well as some interesting gear that you might want to add to your own kit. Garrett leads the cycling industry in cool and offers amazing graphic design to check out. If you’re a cyclist and you enjoy aesthetic, Garrett Chow is a great place to find that. You’ll love the interesting paint jobs and exciting marketing you find.


This account offers a plethora of exciting photographs, mainly revolving around bikes, art, culture, and classy living. There are great photographs from the road that will have you raring to get on your own bike. Check out trails off of the beaten path, as well as photos of celebrities with bicycles. It’s a bit of a mish mash but every photo is interesting and worth looking at. If you like landscapes, there are plenty to peruse.


A photo posted by H O L D E N (@katieholden) on

If you haven’t heard of Katie Holden, then consider this your chance to be introduced. Through her Instagram, you can enjoy words and photos from the professional mountain biker, herself. Holden’s account offers lots of selfies and snaps from all over the world. The photography is well-done and you will get a real glimpse into this superstar’s life. From friends to puppies to moonlight rides, this girl’s Instagram has it all.


A photo posted by Preferred Mode (@preferredmode) on

Preferred Mode is an interesting account that offers a glimpse at cyclists from across the world. Each photo is breathtaking and focuses on someone who both cycles and is really cool. You’ll see brilliant outfits, outrageous bicycles, and so much more. If you’ve ever wanted a look into the world of cycling, this is the best place to find it. I mean, not everywhere features a photograph of Spiderman holding a bike above his head.


A photo posted by The Radavist (@theradavist) on

The Radavist brings a group of people who love both cycling and the great outdoors. You’re going to see people pulling sick tricks on terrain that you would never expect. Watch cyclists in the mountains, the forest, and along the beach. You can enjoy the adventure of extreme mountain biking from your phone. The pictures offer grit but are beautiful, as well, and show a real slice of the world.


A photo posted by Jered Gruber (@jeredgruber) on

This account has photos that show stunning landscapes and the bikes taking them on. You can see cyclists riding through caverns and up little mountain paths. Jered Gruber brings the country and nature to your screen with a soulfulness you may not see in other photographers. For those looking for depth and real life, it’s all here and waiting for you. However, beware, you may want to take off across the country after enjoying the content.


Stunning photographs fill this Instagram, with many well-timed and gorgeous shots. The photographer catches tricks at the height of capture to serve the most immaculate photos you may find in the cycling scene. These pictures are taken the world over and offer many settings, in town and city. Enjoy a backdrop of pink flowers or a bike cutting off a train with a wheelie. These photographs will inspire we promise you that.


A photo posted by teamsky (@teamsky) on

If you enjoy some competition with your cycling, Team Sky brings it to you in spades. See the action before, during, and after competitions with candid photos in exciting environments. Team Sky competes in the UCI World Tour and has many stars on the roster. Watch them as they take on both events and everyday riding with a drive that many wish they had. If you’ve ever wondered about the day to day life of a professional cyclist, get your dose of that and more.


A photo posted by Rapha (@rapha) on

Rapha brings a road racing haven for those who like to push the pavement for many miles. You will see a glimpse of many climates and areas when flipping through their Instagram. Black and white candids will catch your eye just as much as the full-color landscapes dotted with riders. You’ll see competitions and catch up with favorite riders who are hanging out at the track waiting for their turn to go.


Mark Cavendish brings himself to life on the Instagram emblazoned with his name. You’ll get to see the many adventures that the man goes on, incorporating both energetic and relaxing settings. Mark is a professional road racing cyclist and a household name for those interested in the sport. Learn more about what he’s up to and keep up on competitions by utilizing his well-updated Instagram account.


A photo posted by Rachel Atherton (@rachybox) on

“Champion like a girl, cos I am a girl,” is the subtext on Rachel Atherton’s Instagram and doesn’t it say it all. You get to see Rachel out in nature, in competitions, and enjoying life away from the bike. For pet lovers, there’s an added bonus as dogs make an appearance now and again. You can keep up with Rachel’s latest interviews and articles, and enjoy watching her pulling tricks at her latest showing. A definite winner for anyone into Rachel and her style.


Bringing more adventure into the mix is this Instagram all about bikepacking. Take cycling, take backpacking, then merge them together to get an inkling of what this page offers. The photographers get up close and personal with exciting locations and people they meet along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to get away from it all, they also often feature bags and gear that will make that a little easier for a beginner or a seasoned professional.


A photo posted by Cycling Shots (@cyclingshots) on

Cycling Shots is exactly what it sounds like. They offer shots taken of people cycling in unlikely locales and cutting edge equipment. If you appreciate aesthetic, as well as cycling, this one is a must follow. You’ll see biking down a snowy trail, cyclists enjoying sunsets on the beach, and so much more. Every photo you see will be better than the last and you may find yourself heading out on your own adventures to find the beauty in nature.


Sick jumps, green lush backdrops, and some of the sweetest bicycles out there line the page at Downhill Addiction. Mountain bikers will especially love this one as it takes you on adventures just like the ones you enjoy in your own life. Check out the cool gear on the cyclists and post in comments to find out exactly where photos were taken. This is a pure adventure Instagram that is going to grab you tight and hold you until you’ve scrolled through dozens of photos.


A photo posted by Mark Matthews (@markymath) on

Marky Math, or Mark Matthews, is a professional mountain biker who you’ve probably already heard of. What you may not know about Math is that he offers an Instagram filled with beautiful settings and equally gorgeous tricks. Go with Mark as he crosses tiny bridges on bike or join him in the peaks of mountains. You’ll also encounter plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery, with and without bikes featured.


Darren Alff travels the world by bike and uploads beautiful photos while he does it. This is a special follow as you will see tons of exotic animals as Darren treks across countries you may have never stepped foot in. Enjoy the nature and the small markets he pictures, as well as a few selfies with him and his friends. If you like animals and you love biking, this one is going to be a favorite for you.


Brooks England is the oldest operating saddle company in the entire world. As expected, their products include both traditional and unique interpretations for riders the world over. But don’t worry, this isn’t just some marketing page. You’ll get the great nature photos you expect from the modern cycling Instagram, as well as some fun candids of people out enjoying the sport that Brooks England has helped outfit for many years.


A photo posted by Fuji Bikes (@fujibikes) on

Fuji Bikes is a United States bike manufacturer. Their slogan is “Conquer your mountain,” and they offer the tools to do it. Many of the photos on this Instagram feature known riders out on the trails or streets, but there is a huge variety of other things to check out. Find out about the new bikes before your friends when you follow Fuji and check out the photos they upload on a regular basis.


A photo posted by Sweet Ride USA (@sweetrideusa) on

If you love cycling and also love to eat, Sweet Ride USA is perfect for you. The tagline says it all, “We ride bikes and eat desserts.” Found on this Instagram are great photos and videos of folks enjoying the two most exciting parts of life, sweets and cycling. You will also find that Sweet Ride USA offers a web series that many love to watch. A must-follow for anyone who loves cycling almost as much as they love a slice of pumpkin pie.

Did your favourite not make the list? Comment below…

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8 Responses to 20 Best Instagram Accounts for Cyclists and Cycling Inspiration

  1. Ian McIlvaine 13/01/2017 at 1:28 am #

    I would also recommend @velospeak which focusses on careful reviews of bicycles and bicycle related products. Alex knows the products better than most sales people and sometimes better than the creators themselves!

  2. Nick SpencerChapman 13/01/2017 at 11:11 am #

    These are gorgeous – loved the shopping bike wheelie with wacky houses in the background. A similar exercise identifying good cycling orientated Twitter accounts would be good too. I follow a few related to cycling infrastructure and cycling policy.

  3. Max 18/01/2017 at 8:27 am #

    What about a Londoner who left the big smoke for Eastern European cycling adventures? https://www.instagram.com/podia_max/ 😉

  4. Robert Bell 08/02/2017 at 10:00 am #

    You could try Cycology Travel’s instagram account for some luxury cycling holiday photos and inspiration for trips around the beautiful cycling mecca of Mallorca. Always nice to see some sunny pics on a grey day while in the UK. https://www.instagram.com/cycology_travel/ . The website at http://www.cycology.co.uk isn’t bad too!

  5. Racer 06/03/2017 at 11:15 am #

    Another one to recommend is GripGrab from Denmark. They have great content and share photos of their sponsored athletes, like the girls from WM3 Pro Cycling. https://www.instagram.com/gripgrab/

  6. Mary 13/10/2017 at 11:46 am #

    You guys should check out @LakaHQ think they are London based and coming out with some interesting stuff !

  7. Ned 04/11/2017 at 12:07 pm #

    Definitely worth following @templecycles – Bristol based bike manufacturer coming out with beautiful bikes and shots!

  8. Marlon 22/03/2018 at 5:32 pm #

    This guys is on a round the world bike expedition for 5/7 years!

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