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Do you need a bike fitting?

You may think that a bike fitting is only for serious racer types, but as I hope to show you it is applicable to a far broader range of people than that. Do you spend a lot of time on your bike, perhaps you have a long distance commute, ride sportives or race in some […]

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Best winter gloves for cyclists

As the temperature dial deliberates between cold and freezing, a good pair of winter gloves remain important for cyclists. As is so frequent when it comes to cycling gear – there’s way too much choice! Choosing the right pair isn’t easy. When I set off on my morning bike ride, my hands are freezing. However, […]

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Spin LDN the new urban cycle show is coming to east London

On May bank holiday, The Truman Brewery in East London will play host to a new urban bike show – Spin LDN. We caught up with founder, director (and subsequently sleep deprived) Alex Daw to find out more about the event. The first thing I had to ask was why? “I want to celebrate the […]

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Why my grandad doesn’t get cycling

Does your grandad cycle? Mine doesn’t. Here’s the image my grandad has of cyclists: A bunch of lycra wearers, who ride two abreast, that avoid paying road tax and go on cycling holidays in France. Running London Cyclist, we’re bound to come to blows at times. Don’t get me wrong – I love my grandad. […]

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BikeTouch Pro Cycling Gloves review

Given the unseasonably bad weather we’re having on London at the moment, I suspect good gloves are as close to your heart as they are to mine and the gloves presented here have a few very useful features as a cycling commuter – read on for more details Gloves and Smart Phones – normally an […]

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Vulpine Short Sleeve Merino Polo review

Cycling’s not all lycra and special shoes For a lot of people, cycling certainly isn’t all about dressing up lycra and special shoes. Instead, what they want are clothes that are functional on the bike, yet still look good when you arrive at your destination. Being able to get straight off of your bike and […]

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Cycling in London in 2026

Following the release of Boris Johnson’s plans for the future of cycling in London, Jack Rich takes a bike ride through London in 2026… Leaving the house in the morning, I throw on my coat and scarf and slurp the last of my coffee. Out on the road, my bike computer tells me I’ve allowed […]

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When can you claim in a cycling accident

I’ve had a few questions from people who’ve been in a cycling accident (official term: incident) and to help clarify when you can and can’t make a claim, I’ve asked Ben Davis from CAMS to help out with explanations of common scenarios. If your question isn’t answered, feel free to use the form below and […]

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Icebreaker Merino Oasis Crewe review

I was first introduced to the concept of ‘base layer’ as a child. Swaddled in itchy C&A thermals I would be marched up the side of Snowdonia, and then marched back down, clammy, irritable and probably very smelly. These experiences led me to dismiss base layer for a long time. An orienteering trip in the […]

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Are London’s cyclists being shortchanged?

In Hackney there are now more bicycle commuters than car commuters. It’s little wonder then, that London Mayor Boris Johnson has recently doubled up on his commitment to create a London fit for cycling. The widely reported headline figure from the recent announcement is £1 billion for cycling over the next 10 years. That’s an […]

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Amsterdam look out, London is competing for the cycling crown

Boris Johnson today unveiled inspiring new plans to transform the way Londoners get around. It will see the bicycle moved from the bottom of the pecking order, to take prime position. The full Vision for Cycling can be read here but these are the highlights: A cycling corridor from West London all the way to […]

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First ever Primera bike week starts on 14th of April

Primera Sports are hosting their very own bike week on the 14th of April. The week of events will kick off with a Mountain Bike Demo day. If you’ve been considering a MTB purchase but you aren’t completely sure what you are looking for then you can try different models out and see what features […]

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