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7 Sportives you should try in 2013

If like me, January is the month that you start to set your goals for the year ahead, then you might be considering entering your first cycling event. Sportives have become very popular over the last few years. The challenge of riding a long distance, over challenging terrain appeals to a lot of cyclists. Read […]

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Fitting a Bike Chain Guard to Your Bike

It’s still fairly uncommon in London to find a bike with chain guards fitted. Yet, they are useful for protecting your clothes and your bike. Hence why they are a common feature on Boris Bikes and pretty much all Dutch style bikes. You can retro fit a chain guard to your bike. However, it can […]

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Specialized Sub Zero glove review

The British Winter appears to have finally bitten down hard on cyclists. This is the time of year when clothes can make all the difference between cycling in all conditions, and giving it up until the warm weather returns. Perhaps the area where you are likely to feel the cold is in your hands. There’s […]

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From fat motorcyclist to skinny cyclist – A 12 month journey to health

I am Sam, and I used to be fat. Not just a little big podgy, really really obese. There, now I’ve got that out of the way I can get to telling you the story of how I stopped being overweight and transformed myself into a slim, athletic cycling (and running) machine. Whether you are […]

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Beto Alloy Track Pump review

Post by Jack When I first started cycling in London, it was all about the money. Not only was I broke and saving for a wedding, but I resented the fact that I was spending well over £100 of my hard-earned cash to get to work each month. After all, I go to work to […]

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Look out for a stolen Surly bike – £500 reward!

  Please note this is a sponsored post. Green Workforce, a bicycle powered handyman company in London that we’ve previously recommended, is offering a £500 reward for the return of their stolen Surly bike. The company specialises in plumbing, painting and decorating, electrical and more recently has also added gas repairs thanks to a new […]

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Here’s what the future of cycling in London looks like

Last week, cycle campaigners up and down the UK, choked on their morning cup of coffee, in sheer shock, as TfL revealed their plans for extending Cycle Superhighway 2. The plans provide a glimpse in to the future of cycling in London. A future that cycle campaigners have been screaming for. It has to be […]

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Can cycling change the way people look for properties in London?

Sponsored feature When looking for somewhere new to live, whether you are renting or buying, one of the main factors that will affect your choice of property are the facilities available for your preferred mode of transport. If you are a car owner, parking spaces will be an important factor, if you use public transport, […]

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How to Waterproof a Jacket with Nikwax Tech Wash

After a particularly wet weekend of walking in the Peak District, my much loved DHB waterproof jacket was letting water in. The waterproofing was failing. Fortunately, through London Cyclist readers, I’d heard about the Nikwax range of products. You simply washed your waterproof gear in the Nikwax mixture and the waterproofing is restored. It seemed […]

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Cycling in the snow

The snow is coming down over London and many cycle commuters will be having a chilly ride home, beautifully framed by snowflakes. This morning I cycled in with a friend of mine, to show her the ropes about cycling in London. Her biggest complaint: “It’s too hot! I’m sweating!” It’s bitter sweet that on one […]

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Design Headwear LED Cycle Helmet review

There’s no doubt that blinking bike lights draw attention to cyclists making it less likely you’ll hear the phrase “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. With that in mind, there’s no harm in an extra bike light. Increasingly these days, I’m seeing them on bike helmets. One such helmet is the reasonably priced Design Headwear […]

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Bike locked through the rear wheel

The 5 Secrets to the Un-Stealable Bike

Bike owners have an average of 23 months before their bikes are nicked 26,000 bikes stolen in London last year 4% chance of ever recovering your stolen bike These headlines make me want to haul up inside my new BMW X6M “Chelsea Tractor” and hide in my secured compound with 24 hour armed guard security. […]

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