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How to restore your old bike

Not all Londoners have access to a brand new, top of the range bicycle. Many, have a 10 year old hand me down mountain bike from their sister. One such person is my friend Laura. She recently asked me: What do you think of the bike? As someone who knows a thing or two about […]

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Police cracking down on cyclists in London’s parks

A few weeks back, I was trying to become a little less pasty, by catching the sun near the Highgate Ponds in Hampstead Heath. Being a people (and bike) watcher, I observed the number of cyclists pedalling past. All of them were riding respectfully around pedestrians, but you could see it was frustrating for pedestrians. […]

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When Should You Replace Your Bike Chain? Chain Wear Advice

Like it or not, bike chains “stretch” over time. Only by a small amount, but multiply that by the number of times each link passes over your chainrings, cassette and jockey wheels and you’ll quickly wear them out, if you don’t regularly replace your chain. A worn chain ultimately leads to the most common mechanical […]

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Give your bike a comprehensive service and clean for 50% less than what most cyclists would pay

Just a few months ago I had a bike that was: Squeaking each time I pedalled up hill With brake pads that needed replacing A wobbly back wheel Full of road muck that I hadn’t found the time to clean off. Then, I took it in for a visit at Lunar Cycles. Now: It runs […]

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Cardiff charity ride

A good friend of mine, has been asked to raise funds for a local charity by organising a cycling event. If you believe you’ll be finding yourself anywhere near Cardiff on Sunday 23rd of September, then do consider taking part in the ride. The funds will help support the work of the local Ty Hapus […]

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A guide to the Tour of Britain for the uninitiated

This summer, cycling heroes such as Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy brought the games and cycling in particular to the forefront of many people’s attention, through exciting performances. Even the traditionally less popular events such as the BMX racing has had people checking out the latest BMX bikes, with bike shop retailers reporting a jump […]

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A short cycle to Covent Garden illustrates what I don’t get about transport planning

I’m definitely not an urban planning expert. I know this, because my neighbours are studying it and whenever they get in to a heated debate about it, my eyes glaze over. However, on a short bike ride to Covent Garden there are a number of things that as a cyclist, simply don’t make sense to […]

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What do you do to prevent your bike being one of the 26,000 stolen last year?

More than 26,000 bicycles were reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police last year, up a third on five years ago, BBC London has learned. That’s bad news and the report does not get any better as you read on: Only 4% of bikes recovered Most people never report a stolen bike so potentially over 100,000 […]

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It’s my birthday! Cue the mandatory cycling cards!

Today is my 25th birthday! The 24th to the 25th is a big one – it’s like transitioning from plastic pedals to metal ones. One day perhaps I’ll even use clipless. Fortunately, my family is on hand to provide me with artwork for my birthday blog post, with the above brilliant card! It’s funny because […]

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Five of the Most Common Bike Maintenance Tools You’ll Need

If you want to be able to look after your bike yourself, you’ll need a basic set of tools to start off with. Allen Keys Also called hex keys, Allen keys are an essential for bike maintenance. Everything from adjusting your brakes, to tightening your seat post, will require an Allen key. Hexagonal ones are […]

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Google Maps vs CycleStreets: Battle for the best route planner

Which is the best service to use when you are planning your cycle route? I needed to cycle up to Hampstead to see a friend, so I decided to put the two route planners to the test. Entering my route I loaded up the two services in to my web browser. On Google Maps, it […]

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Is a two day cycling event what London’s cyclists really need?

Next year there will be a two day cycling event that will provide a lasting legacy for the 2012 Olympic Games. This is according to an announcement today by London’s mayor Boris Johnson. The two day festival will be held on August the 3rd and 4th. This was initially announced back in January, with Boris […]

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