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Replace gear cable

Over time gear cables can stretch. This will make gear shifting less smooth. If your shifting is feeling sluggish then it can be a good idea to replace the gear cable. Note that it’s very important to not attempt this repair with a cheap pair of cable cutters. Gear cables in particular fray very easily […]

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Bottom Bracket Removal Guide

One of the repairs being added to our Bike Doctor app (iPhone and Android) is how to remove your bottom bracket. Why, oh why, would you want to do that? The bottom bracket is often the source of many irritating creaks on your bike. If you hear creaking as you pedal, then it may well […]

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Don’t like cycling along Euston road? Here’s an alternative

The Euston road is busy, crowded, fast paced and now has an Olympic lane sprawled across it. Some “urban warrior” style cyclists love these conditions. Others, prefer the tranquillity of a back route. The joys include less traffic, a more relaxed pace and far more pleasant surroundings. As well as the opportunity to discover new […]

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Where to watch the Olympic Road Race?

The Olympic road race will be the first event after the London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony. Coupled with Bradley Wiggins Tour de France victory and good conditions predicted, the event should be one of the most watched and, indeed, attended event (depending on hangovers from the opening ceremony.). The men’s race kicks off at […]

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Bike fitting in London

The best bike shops, cycle cafes and events are listed in the Love London section of the London Cyclist Handbook. Today, I wanted to share one of the pages from that section that will appeal to road cyclists. If you are having aches and pains while cycling, then the chances are it is not fitted […]

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Made In England: The artisans behind the hand built bicycle

Matthew Sowter, a reader of London Cyclist blog, is soon launching a new book around bespoke bike building. With the interest in this topic being high, I invited him along to share some details on the forthcoming book launch. With more and more people wanting bespoke these days, there’s a huge resurgence of frame building […]

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New Rapha cycle cafe opened

“Located in the heart of Soho, Rapha’s Cycle Club will be a home for the sport and culture of road cycling, a meeting place for road riders. Along with live screenings of road races and a full calendar of events, the Cycle Club will be an emporium of Rapha clothing and accessories with food, drink […]

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Rapha Women’s Merino Review

Review by Katy Beveridge. Also by Katy: Rapha Women’s Softshell Jacket review Rapha Merino Wool Base Layer Review Women’s Merino Jersey Review This bit of kit is has been an absolute lifesaver during this rather glum Summer. Perfect for all weather, the high quality merino wool keeps you warm on chillier days and sweat free […]

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The London Cyclist Handbook

A guide to life in the cycle lane Written by the author of London’s most popular cycling blog, and using years of experience and contributions from readers, the London Cyclist Handbook is your complete guide to life in the cycle lane. Early review: “One of the best things about cycling in London is the weekly […]

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New version of Bike Doctor: Important update for any existing iPhone users!

This is important for anyone who has the first version of our iPhone app Bike Doctor on their iPhone. We are moving it over to new account, so you need to get the new copy! For a limited time only, you’ll be able to move to the new version for free and then we’ll have […]

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Stopping your bike from squeaking

A persistent squeak, creek or click can be a torturous experience for a cyclist. All bikes suffer from them, from time to time and they are a good wake up call that something isn’t quite right. Today, I’ll be sharing part of the maintenance section of the new London Cyclist Handbook. Whilst there are cyclists […]

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Don’t lock your bike to old iron railings

Many of the railings outside old Victorian homes are made of weak wrought iron. Even if you’ve got one of the best bike locks, the thief can easily get to your bike by cutting the iron. Special thank you to London Cyclist reader Daniel for allowing me to share his picture. See also: Safe locking […]

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