Wingman suit bag review

If you need to regularly carry your suit in to work, then you can choose from a number of suit bags. One of them is the Henty Wingman which ships from Australia for £115.

Me riding around with the wingman bag on my back

For the past few months I’ve been whizzing around London, testing it out and today, as our collective new years hangovers subside, I want to bring you a typically comprehensive “London Cyclist” review.

First off, here’s an overview of the Wingman suit bag

The main compartment in the Wingman bag is designed so you can fit your suit jacket, shirt and trousers. To do this you use the supplied hanger.

Wingman suit bag unfolded and layed out on a table near look mum no hands

There’s also a separate bag, that clips on to the main bag, where you can store your shoes and a few more objects.

On the outside of the bag, there’s a pocket where you could fit a small notebook, pens, your mobile phone or an iPad. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room here to fit a laptop.

Once you’ve got your items in place, the Wingman bag then folds around in to a cylindrical shape.

Comfortable riding

Wingman suit bag folded around

On first inspection, you may be forgiven for thinking the Wingman suit bag would be uncomfortable to ride with. However, thanks to padding in the right places, it really isn’t. It’s the sort of bag that you’ll forget is there.

The only time I found the Wingman a pain, is during a short journey on the London underground. I kept bumping in to people due to the odd shape of the bag.

I found that the bag stayed in place, even when using just the main strap. For those who find the bag slipping around, there is a second strap you can clip in that should position it well.

Keeping your suit crease free

Andreas riding around London on a Boris Bike testing the Wingman

Despite leaving my suit inside the Wingman bag for many rides, it remains free from any creases. The rolling design seems to work really well to achieve this.

Use in any weather

The Wingman bag comes with a waterproof cover, which means you can use it in any weather.

There’s also a useful clip at that back that allows you to clip on a bike light.

Who this bag will be useful for

I used to work in an office where we had lockers and a shower. I’d just leave a couple of my suits at work and then get them dry cleaned. Therefore, I wouldn’t need the Wingman bag, as I was hardly ever transporting a suit.

However, for those without that luxury, and a need to regularly carry a suit in to work, the Wingman could prove very useful indeed.

What I liked

  • Suit remained crease free – beating any other suit bag I’ve tested
  • Waterproof cover
  • Well thought out design
  • Comfortable to ride with
  • Reflective features help with visibility

What I didn’t like

  • No room for anything larger than a netbook

Review in a sentence

The Wingman bag is a near perfect solution for those looking to carry their suit in to work, crease free.

The Wingman bag is available for purchase from, Evans Cycles and Always Riding

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