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I recently asked you what type of post you wanted on London Cyclist. Well the surprising results are in..


Before I dive into the results I was impressed with the number of you that voted – so many thanks to everyone that did, I really appreciate you helping to shape the future of this site. 

Moving onto the results I was surprised to see that 32% of you want to see more London cycling news. I did not think this category would be that popular but I will definitely be upping my game in this area. I will make sure I give you my take on the news rather than the typical often ill-considered large news outlet version.

Lifehack/Cyclehack style posts was the second most popular category which I am pleased about because it is also my favourite thing to write about. It also fits in with my hypothesis that many of you want to hear about these things that are often not covered on other cycling blogs which was the main reason I started London Cyclist. So expect plenty more bike apps for the iPhone style posts and other highly useful content.

Bike maintenance and repair came in 3rd and I will continue my monthly series on this. I will also try to give you a few more posts with my experiences.

You may be wondering what some of the “Other” answers were. Well I definitely will not be telling you the best ways to have sex with a bike but I will put together a post on e-bikes and I have a few hidden tricks up my sleeve related to covering London bike routes.

Thanks again for taking part and I look forward to writing many more great posts for you.

London Cyclist Featured in AllTop

Featured in Alltop

For ages I have been following what Guy Kawasaki and the rest of the team are doing over at AllTop featuring some of the best blogs and news stories. Therefore, when I received an e-mail from the very friendly Neenz about the inclusion of London Cyclist in the cycling category. I was understandably delighted. I’m pleased at how much this blog has grown over the years and I’m proud of the content available here – its great to now be recognised up there amongst the greats. Thanks!

A solution to London’s Bike Parking Woes?

Boris CyclehoopWhen I was contacted by Anthony Lau about the Cyclehoop I was very impressed. So much so that I conducted an interview with him about the device that could potentially be an innovative solution to London’s bike parking problems. The interview can be found over on Londonist and is worth a read especially for anyone that is also interested in starting their own business related to the cycling niche.

I hope through my involvement on Londonist, an extremely popular London blog, to raise the coverage of cycling news and perhaps along the way pickup a few more new cyclists.

That’s all from me for now!

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