What is the best cycling accessory you’ve bought in the past 12 months?

topeak-joe-blowThere’s a lot of tempting goodies out there for cyclists. However, only a few are a worthy addition. Perhaps for you buying an expensive Cycloc revolutionised storing your bike at home or perhaps a great bike computer has encouraged you to go cycling more often.

Whilst I’m very thankful for my iPhone bike mount because it helped me find my way before I knew London more like the back of my hand it can’t win because it was more than 12 months ago. Recently acquiring a Topeak Joe Blow pump has made a huge difference. I’ve always favoured a hand pump to save space but reaching the required pressure in the tyre was a very tough task. It meant I was frequently riding around on a tyre not at at the recommended pressure which was slowing me down and causing more punctures. Whilst the pump takes up a lot of space it is definitely a great purchase and one I should have made ages ago.

If you think about the cycling accessories for your bike you’ve bought in the past 12 months is there one (cheap or expensive) that stands out for you? Share in the comments below and it may be useful for others.

Update with some suggestions from my Twitterers:

danceralamode My portable pump with hose…Morph…finally stopped ripping presta valves on the go…

DWAkin I love my Halo II headband under my helmet. Keeps most of the sweat out of my eyes.

joeharling Chrome Corsair messenger bag. #beautiful

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