Week of cycling opinions

Next week I’m going to be interrupting regular London Cyclist programming and will be giving you the chance to have a say on a range of issues that currently affect you as a cyclist.

I’m launching a week of cycling opinions! Starting from Monday and running through to Thursday of next week I will be presenting two arguments and then there will be a poll and a chance to leave a comment.

The aim is to give everyone a bit of a open forum to discuss some of the common questions that arise about cycling. At the end of the week there will be an interesting set of figures and a look back at the entire week.

comment_dotsThe issues I plan on covering are:

  • One way streets – should cyclists be allowed to cycle the wrong way down a one way street?
  • Cycle hire scheme – is this a good idea for London?
  • Fines for cyclists – Do you support larger fines for cyclists to discourage law breaking?
  • Segregated cycle paths – is this the way to go or should it be all about sharing the road?

I’m happy to discuss anything else so if you think one of the above should be changed then please let me know.

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