The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance Review

Cover of the Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

If you bumped into me in the street and asked me what my main gripe about cycling is I would without hesitation be annoyed at you bumping into me! But seriously, my main gripe is the maintenance. I figured out how to do a range of repairs on my bike a while back, but I’m just not the type of person that enjoys doing them. It’s why I produced my free downloadable eBook on bicycle maintenance and it’s why when someone contacts me about a new product that makes bicycle maintenance easier I jump on them!

Today that new product is the Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance. It is a beautifully illustrated 196 page book that teaches you how to keep your bike working perfectly. I’ve used and reviewed 5 bicycle maintenance books before so I was interested to see how this new offering would compete.


The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance in the steering section 

  • Cleaning and lubricating your bike
  • Equipment needed for performing repairs
  • Finding the right riding position and making adjustments for comfort
  • Drivetrain repair and maintenance
  • Gear installation and maintenance
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering repair, maintenance and upgrading
  • Brakes
  • Suspension

What I like

  • Layout and colour pictures very clear and easy to follow
  • Good coverage of different types of bikes
  • Good coverage of basic repairs as well as some more advanced repairs
  • Tips for upgrading your bike

What I don’t like

  • Occasionally I feel that detail has been left out in order to allow for clearer presentation. The extra detail is sometimes helpful to complete the repair and deal with situations that differ slightly from the typical repair.

Overall review

Inside the bicycle maintenance guide for headsets and aheadsets

The main strength of the Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance is how easy it is to use and follow. This is something that is lacking from other similar offerings. For this reason it is now the first place I go to when looking for information on a repair I’m not certain about.

I think that for someone wishing to do basic bike maintenance it is perfect. It helps keep you out of expensive bike shops and helps you feel more confident about the bike you are riding on. The book will appeal to most riders as it covers a range of components.

Someone looking to do more advanced repairs would benefit from other books that offer more detail and wider coverage. Though they are certainly not as easy to follow.

Where to get the Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance £8.99 < cheapest
Magbooks £9.99
WH Smith £9.99

Note: Prices correct when I put this article together, they are of course likely to vary over time.

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One Response to The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance Review

  1. Odie 15/08/2010 at 9:05 am #

    Hi, How would you rate this book against the Haynes Manual.

    The Bike Book [Hardcover]
    Fred Milson

    I purchased this one recently and found it to be excellent.

    I recently attended Bicycle Maintenance provided by Camden Council , also EXCELLENT and I would call this book my bike Bible.

    By the way your cycling books link is dead !!! but, I am just loving your blog. What an incredible source for quality cycling information.

    The link to the Haynes Bike Book that I call my bible, can be found on my blog.

    Thanks again for fab blog.

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