Travel accommodation for cyclists

Now that the season is ripe for traveling, avid cyclists will be searching for places to crash for a night between cycling holidays. Whether you choose to plan your holiday around cycling or you simply want to cycle around every locale to enjoy the sites, you’ll want to book travel accommodations that cater to cyclists.

Choose your destination and book your accommodations with these in mind!


Cyclists looking for a full on adventure holiday will find campsites one of the most accommodating options. There’s plenty of room to store cycles and gear, usually without additional fees or booking limitations. As long as your campsite is reserved—or booked on the fly—you can secure your bicycle there without hassle.

Although bare bones in terms of extras such as pools, gyms and continental breakfasts, campsite accommodations takes the guesswork out of where you are allowed to place your cycle and accessories at other accommodation sites.


Cyclists tend to have plenty of gadgets and contraptions to hold their cycles, tyre pumps and other accessories at home, but on holiday these options are pretty scarce. Most of the time we are forced to leave cycles locked in the open in an unknown city or let it clutter up a hotel room. But couch surfing provides a good opportunity to enjoy a cycling holiday with the comforts of home.

All you have to do is register on a couch surfing website, following all directives, and look for a couch to surf that provides the travel accommodations you desire. Keep in mind that these accommodations are provided by a stranger and that it is up to you to gather all pertinent information—from security concerns to meals and cycle storage—you need before decided to ‘couch surf’.

This is often an inexpensive option for cyclists in need of travel accommodations, plus it allows insight from locals on good places to visit.

Holiday Parks

While couch-surfing can be convenient for a couple of nights you may be looking for something with a little more privacy and comfort. If your goal is to spend the holiday in more than one spot consider holiday parks. They allow the convenience of a campsite with the amenities of a hotel such as swimming pools and nearby eateries.

You can camp out with a tent or take a more modern route by staying in a mobile camper; this allows you to stay close enough to visit local sites by bicycle. Situated near a lake, beach or park, you can easily spend the day nearby enjoying the scenery and taking advantage of nature.

When you plan your next holiday keep in mind these travel accommodations that cater to cyclists. One of the best options for a family cycle tour is to stay at a holiday park in each area that you want to spend some time.

Most holiday parks are located in beautiful countryside or woodland, making them the perfect accommodation choice for many cyclists. It’s likely that your holiday park will be able to advise you on the best cycle routes in your locale.

Beds for cyclists

Although many do not offer the same range of facilities as a holiday park, another accommodation option is a B&B or a hostel. A hostel or bed & breakfast provides the convenience of staying at a hotel, but with additional storage for bicycles if you’ve brought your own. More importantly, many of these places are conveniently located near cycle hires so you don’t have to go through the hassle of carting your own cycle, as well as the fees associated with transporting a cycle and cycle-related gear.

Find a strategically located bed where you can simply bike to the nearest scenic route. Places like this cater to vacationers interested in the outdoors, so there is plenty of storage space for equipment like cycles.

Hospitality Exchange for Cyclists

Planning to pack up and cycle from destination to destination for your next holiday? You could consider opting for a hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.

Once you have pinpointed your holiday destinations you can find people willing to host you along your route anywhere in the world. Sign up as a host or tourist to connect with, in the form of camp space, a room or simply a couch. This type of accommodation would suit the more adventurous cyclist; many people think of it as couch surfing specifically for cycling tourists. Although it can be a flexible way to travel, if you’re cycling as a family or with young children the holiday park option may be a better fit for your needs.

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  1. Andrea 16/07/2013 at 9:03 pm #

    I’m very surprised you did not mention (or even used)!

  2. Adam Edwards 16/07/2013 at 9:51 pm #

    One bargin way to go on a mini tour is to see what £29.00 deals you can get from Premier Inn or the like and then join up the hotels. My son and I had a brilliant 2 nights at St Neots, with free breakfast for him. They even put the tandem into the sheet store to keep it safe overnight, which was very noble as the tandem was muddy and the sheets were very white and clean!

    I do wonder at what point these chains will realise secure cycle parking will be really good for business?

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