Top 10 posts of London Cyclist in 2010

Bike Lock Guide

When people approach you all teary eyed that their bike was stolen you’ll be able to cold heartedly say to them: Didn’t you read that blog post on London Cyclist with all those good bike locks?

Cold but it’s for their own good!

Top 50 cycling blogs 2010

The monster list of cycling blogs as always pulled in a big crowd. There’s some great blogs in there. Bookmark them and love them!

30 London Cycle Routes eBook

My London Cycle Routes eBook got an enormous 23,304 visits! The second version that I released upped the ante to 30 routes and to date I’ve not had an unhappy customer! Check the eBook out and discover great places to ride in London.

Barclays Cycle Hire

The popularity of this blog skyrocketed around the launch time of the Cycle Hire scheme. The page has been visited 17,108 times. In the survey however it’s the one thing you’ve asked me to talk a little less about so I’ll stop talking n..

Cycling iPhone Apps

Ah the iPhone. Loved by its users and hated by everyone else. This follow on post recommended three new application I was enjoying using: Cycle Meter, Run Keeper and Outdoors.

Where is your nearest cycle hire stand?

This post answering a question everyone had in their minds. Unfortunately for me the answer was “nowhere near”.

7 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Cycling and How You Can Correct Them

This true monster of a blog post helped cyclists changed their erroneous ways and put them on a path to safe cycling. Since then I recommend one-on-one cycle training at every opportunity!

Cycling apps for the Android

Android users not wanting to be outdone by the iPhone have a similar dazzling array of applications to complete all functions imagined.

The Winter Cycling Gear that will make your cycling more comfortable and enjoyable

As the winter this year was a particularly painful one there was a need to grab the gear that keeps hands, legs, feet and pretty much all body parts warm.

Riding around London on the new Cycle Hire Bike

I got a sneaky test ride on the cycle hire bike before it was released and put together a big write up for London Cyclist.

All in all an amazing year! Can’t wait for next year’s big posts!

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