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Bike storage ideas in London

Summer is on its way and London’s roads are filling up with cyclists, many inspired by last year’s Olympics and encouraged by the proliferation of Boris Bikes on the streets of the capital. Bicycle ownership in London increases year on year, with 2012’s annual travel report for London estimating that a staggering 700,000 people cycle […]

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Cyclepedia bike app for iPad

Bike apps for the iPad

To celebrate the launch of our very own Bike Doctor iPad app, I wanted to do a roundup of some of the excellent apps available to cyclists on their iPads. Bike apps on the iPad are primarily dominated by mapping apps, cycling magazines and a seemingly infinite supply of games! Bike Doctor 2.0 Our app! […]

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Boris Bike forum screenshot

10 of the best cycling forums

Cyclists like connecting with fellow cyclists, whether it’s at cycling events, through bike clubs or on online forums. I’ve picked out a list of the best cycling forums here that I’ve found. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. CTC Forum This is a great, laid-back forum that beginner cyclists will find […]

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10 things I wish I’d known when I first started cycling

Use two different locks I’ll never forget the day I walked back to the bike shed after my college lessons, only to find my bike had disappeared. Confused I asked myself: Did I lock my bike? Is this a friend of mine playing a practical joke? Did I even ride my bike in today? The […]

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Do you need a bike fitting?

You may think that a bike fitting is only for serious racer types, but as I hope to show you it is applicable to a far broader range of people than that. Do you spend a lot of time on your bike, perhaps you have a long distance commute, ride sportives or race in some […]

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How to restore waterproofing on your jacket

After a particularly wet weekend of walking in the Peak District, my much loved DHB waterproof jacket was letting water in. The waterproofing was failing. Fortunately, through London Cyclist readers, I’d heard about the Nikwax range of products. You simply washed your waterproof gear in the Nikwax mixture and the waterproofing is restored. It seemed […]

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Cycling in the snow

The snow is coming down over London and many cycle commuters will be having a chilly ride home, beautifully framed by snowflakes. This morning I cycled in with a friend of mine, to show her the ropes about cycling in London. Her biggest complaint: “It’s too hot! I’m sweating!” It’s bitter sweet that on one […]

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Staying warm but not hot on your bike

When you are pedalling in to work, you want to feel warm on the bike but you don’t want to get so hot that you start sweating. Here’s how I achieve that. The buff The first item in my arsenal against the cold is the buff. A favourite amongst protesters in Athens and cyclists in […]

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Healthy eating as a cyclist

With the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) announcing that inactivity is now as big a killer as smoking, it’s a great time to keep feeling smug as a cyclist. To supplement that, I would love to know if you guys follow any specific healthy eating habits? As always, please leave a comment […]

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Are you going to cycle through the winter?

The leaves are coming down, the clocks have gone back and the weather reporters are presenting us with temperatures in the single figures. Some cyclists will slowly start leaving their bikes at home. The underground will become their new daily ritual. They simply don’t want to cycle in the dark or in the cold. There […]

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Where do you store your bike at night?

I’d be interested in hearing how many people’s hallways look like the one above! Where do you store your bike at night? Leave a comment below. I’ll start us off: As our apartment doesn’t have any secure space for storage and I don’t particularly want to leave my bike outside overnight, my flatmate and I […]

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How to carry a suit on your bike

For commuting cyclists a question I’ll commonly hear is: “How do you carry your suit in to work when you are riding a bike?” There are a few different solutions. 1. Take it in by public transport and leave it at work The first option is to leave the bike at home once per week […]

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