Three must try rides for WaterAid


We all ride for a variety of reasons; for exercise, for fun or for the glory of besting another cyclist in a hard fought race. But a few times a year, cyclists get together for a totally selfless reason. Charity.

At London Cyclist we are big proponents of strapping on your gear for a good cause and in the past readers have raised thousands of pounds for charity. Today, we are promoting WaterAid.

If you’re looking to ride for a cause, then consider WaterAid, a charity that focuses on providing clean water in 27 countries throughout Africa, South America, India and Oceania. WaterAid’s aim is to bring safe water and sanitation to everyone, everywhere. By working with local entities, you can be sure WaterAid is about more than handing over cash for a good cause.

In fact, you may already be planning to participate in a ride that supports WaterAid and all you’ll have to do is see how you can ride for them!

London To Paris Cycle

The London to Paris cycle is a 300 mile journey that takes place in mid-September (11th to 15th). This scenic route to charity will take cyclists through the beautiful English and French countrysides, over the Channel and ultimately ending at the beautiful city of lights!

The 2013 London to Paris Cycle offers a couple of fundraising options, both of which include the £150 registration fee that is not refundable. Choose how you want to raise money for WaterAid, go along for the journey and help a good cause.

Nightrider London

Enjoy a beautiful nighttime ride for WaterAid that takes you past 100 kilometres of London’s most famous landmarks. On your charitable journey you’ll pass the Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, Hampstead Heath, Royal Albert Hill and Piccadilly Circus in addition to many others. The feeling of riding around London and night is completely different. The beautiful lit up buildings and quiet roads create a feeling of romance and tranquillity.

The unique Nightrider takes place on June 8th so make sure you sign up and pay your registration fee right away. Pay just £39 to ride and shoot for a sponsorship goal of at least £175 to do your part for WaterAid.

Ride London-Surrey 100

If you’ve been eager to prove you’re as good a cyclist as the Olympians who battled in London, the Ride London-Surrey 100 is your chance to prove it to yourself while doing a good deed. The ride which includes the famous Box Hill section will be attended by 20,000 cyclists and there are currently a limited number of spaces left through WaterAid.

Sign up now to take part in this August 4th ride and line up your sponsors today!

Don’t forget to remind them it’s for a good cause

We may take for granted having clean water and sanitation, but these charitable rides give you a chance to make sure others around the world can eventually take this comfort for granted!

Get more information on WaterAid by clicking here.

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