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I’m losing count of the number of times I’ve entertained the thought of doing a bike tour. London to Amsterdam would be fascinating. Not only would I enjoy the long ride but then on the other end I could be discovering Amsterdam’s cycling culture (amongst other cultures). Or how about from London to the South of France?

My friends from university cycled from London to Istanbul. An incredible feat and no doubt a journey they’ll never forget. Two more of my friends, Alex and Dan, are on their way from London to Australia.

Tackling those questions and fears

Of course, dreams like that are followed through on seldom occasions. Often it’s because you think to yourself “But how do I get that sort of time off work?”, “how could I afford it?” or “how on earth do I plan my route?”

Solving those problems and providing a huge dose of inspiration is an eBook I’ve been meaning to cover for a while. It’s called the Bike Touring Survival Guide. Written by Friedel and Andrew, the bike touring dynamic duo.

From doing laundry to finding sponsors

bike-touring-survival-guideThe advice in there ranges from the classic how to go about stealth camping to advice on what to do when you are inevitably asked questions such as “why do you not have children?”

Throughout the eBook, Friedel’s and Andrew’s vast experiences shines through and you’ll soon find yourself emailing your friends to find out who has some time to join you on a bike tour.

touring-survival-guideAll the topics are covered with ease and the Bike Touring Survival Guide leaves no stone unturned. Many of the topics covered could clearly have only come after years of bike touring. Advice such as growing your own vegetables on your bike, whilst a little extreme for most purposes, is something that I could have never imagined.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a bike tour but you are struggling with the logistics or want to hear from people who’ve been there and done it before then I strongly recommend taking a look.

friedel-and-andrew-bike-touringThe eBook has been priced at just 5 Euros. Which I believe is an absolute steal considering how comprehensive this thing is.

You can find out more about Friedel and Andrew and download their eBook from their website: Bike Touring Survival Guide

Free copy!

Friedel and Andrew were also very keen on the idea of giving two copies away for free! Of course, how I could refuse! Simply leave a comment below with your thoughts on the sort of bike tour you’d love to go on and then we’ll pick two winners.

Update: This competition is now closed!

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