The winner of London Cyclists first ever competition

So last week I asked you to tell me your commuting or cycling story for the chance to win £50 worth of Wiggle vouchers. I was absolutely amazed by the responses. I really enjoyed reading about the different ways people got into their cycling, some of their funniest moments and why they do it. Some of the entries really made me laugh and others gave me great ideas for future posts. So thanks so much for everyone who has entered. Anyway, I’m yapping on so the results..

I loaded up excel, asked Google how to generate random numbers and typed in the formula:


And the result is: 18

Congratulations to Anniebah with this entry:

Trying to get the hang of riding at 57 isn’t easy. First effort I tried to answer my mobile while cycling and fell off and twisted my ankle and broke the bike. Second effort on new bike, my water bottle made an exit from its holder as I unsteadily made my way down the road – I reached for it to save it from falling under my bike wheel and promptly fell off onto the bonnet of a slow-moving car with a very abusive driver. I am learning slowly though and try to stay on bike paths where I am most comfortable. It is a great pleasure but hard to be confident so think of me as I push and pedal onwards!

I will be contacting Anniebah and letting her know she has won and asking what she will be spending the money on. Then will be sending the voucher.

Thanks to everyone who entered and sorry to those who didn’t win. I really wish I had more money to give away but that is all I got from vouchercodes! In the mean time checkout some of the amazing entries or make sure you subscribe for future competitions, as I definitely want to give more money away soon.

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