The most courteous drivers in London?

Back in July I asked a simple question that turned into a the biggest discussion this site has ever had. I asked: Who are the least courteous drivers in London?

Opinions were mixed and tensions ran high at certain points but many people agreed Addison Lee (the mini-cab company) was the worst. Last week, I had an email from Iain who suggested I turn the question on its head. He suggested I ask: Who are the most courteous drivers in London?

I liked his idea because I realise the initial question was a little negative. We all have moments where we really appreciate when a driver does something considerate. That’s why I wanted to open up this weeks Forum Friday to see if people have some good examples.

In my answer to the question… Who are the most courteous drivers in London?

Well, last time round I suggested that Black Cab drivers were the most courteous. Generally I’d continue to agree and have yet to have a serious issue with one. Though of course, there are unfortunately exceptions to the rule and I’m sure many would disagree with me. I still have plenty of good memories of them staying well back and letting me filter into their lane when mine is blocked by a parked car or a bus picking up passengers. However, I also have memories of Black Cabs swinging out in front of me to pickup a passenger and not giving me enough room.

On a daily basis who do you think are the most courteous drivers in London?

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