Stocking Fillers for Cyclists

I’ll say it quietly, so as not to upset those who don’t mutter the word until December 24th – but Christmas is getting a day closer every day.

For those of us in cycling partnerships, Christmas gifting is quite simple – I’ll swap you a Garmin for a GoPro, then fill your stocking with the socks I will steal at a later date (well – that’s how it works in my house).

For those with loved ones who aren’t cyclists, or for non-cyclists purchasing for wheely mad friends and family – it can be tricky. So – here is the London Cyclist stocking filler guide  – for cyclists to leave open or add their favourites with “My Santa List”, and for non-cyclists to hopefully come across when googling “what to buy my bike mad mother/brother/sister/father/other for Christmas.”

Foska Pasta Di Bici – £5.95

Foska Pasta Di Bici

Foska Pasta Di Bici

Foska say this is for “the cyclist who has everything.” This is a slightly different gift that deviates from that age old socks and chocolates – and it’s perfect for the novelty queen or  the king of carb-loading.

The Obree Way – A Training Manuel for Cyclists – £11.55

The Obree Way

The Obree Way

For £11.55 you get a glimpse into the mind of a genius. This book is one of my favourites – not so much for the training advice – but for the attitudes and ideology portrayed – it’s all about good, honest hard work – and not overdoing it. Obree is a fascinating character and I’d recommend this, or his autobiography “The Flying Scotsman” as a Christmas day read (provided you’re ok with some melancholy topics).

X Tools Bike Tool Kit – 18 Piece Set – £26.99 (was £59.99! – Save 55% at CRC)

X Tools 18 piece tool set

X Tools 18 piece tool set

This tool kit has everything a rider needs to sort out common, everyday little glitches and cater for upgrades and replacements. This is my no means a personal workshop tool set that will remove the need to ever hand the bike over to the local mechanic – but it will reduce the frequency at which your loved one is miserable because the bike is in for repairs. Tyre levers, a full set of ball ended allen keys and screwdrivers will always come in handy, whilst the chain breaker, chain whip and cassette will mean hassle free chain and cassette repairs and replacement. The BB spanner and will allow home fixes to worn out BBs (if this one is compatible) and there is even a pedal spanner for that horrible moment when the bike needs to go in a box to travel and they can’t get the pedals off (I speak from experience..).

Chapeau! Hot Coffee and Cream Gift Set – £29.99

Chapeau! Hot coffee and cream set

Chapeau! Hot coffee and cream set

Most people wouldn’t go out and spend £30 on a little presentation pack of chamois cream, warm up oil, mug and coffee – but pop it under the Christmas tree and it’s a lovely luxury treat. I’ve had this gifted to me – and now use the mug daily. The chamois cream did what it said on the tin, and the warm up oil is fantastic on a cold day, or before a race when you don’t want extra layers, but it’s cold on the start line.

Fibre Flare Bike Light – £24.99

Give the gift of visibility with this rather funky bike light that will undoubtedly be played with by everyone around the Christmas tree. The beauty of this light, other than the 360 degree visibility it provides, is how flexible it is, meaning it can be attached to your bike, backpack or even your jacket.

Team Sky 2013 Essentials Case by Rapha – £45

Team Sky Essentials Case

Team Sky Essentials Case

What is your loved one going to put into this lovely little leather case? Probably inner tubes, tyre levers, perhaps their phone and a debit card – then they’ll lock it all up with the water resistant ring pull and slip it into the back of a jersey. Inside are the words:  “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – these thoughtful words could provide hours of on-ride musing, or give them a nice little push when the going gets tough and they’ve just mended a second puncture.

Those are the stocking fillers… has anyone got some mega awesome gifts on their list?

If you’re still looking for inspiration – check out our 2012 guide of 30 gifts – because some of them are still out there (or even better – new and improved!)

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  1. CycleMiles 04/12/2013 at 6:01 pm #

    Some great suggestions London Cyclist. The Team Sky 2013 Essentials Case by Rapha, is now on my Santa’s list. We have a few suggestions of our own.

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