STM Jet Laptop Backpack Review

stm-jet-laptop-bagIf you are a little bit like me, then you like it when things are organised. Everything has its place and you know where you can find it. If we lived in a a world of ultimate organisation, I imagine the bag we would be using, would look a little something like the STM Jet Laptop bag.

This bag has more pockets than I care to count. With space for a 15 inch laptop, iPad, paperwork, pens, a portable hard drive, sunglasses and even a room left for your emergency bike repair kit this is an organisations freaks dream.

The perfect laptop bag

STM specialise in making laptop bags. Over the years they’ve pretty much perfected the art of it. The STM Jet Laptop bag feels light to carry, it’s slim and water resistant. While riding around the bag felt particularly comfortable on my back thanks to the padded shoulder straps and a breathable back. I found this stayed comfortable even when I loaded up the bag to capacity.

If you’ve ever carried your laptop around in a bag and then cringed as you place it on the floor a little too fast then the suspended design will be useful. It keeps the laptop from hitting the ground with a bang.

shoulder-strap-quick-pocketAnother feature very useful when on the bike is the quick access pocket on the shoulder straps. This is useful for keeping your phone in there or keys. I found when locking up the bike it speeds things along not having to dig deep into the bag to find my keys.

At the bottom of the bag is a nice big pocket where I’ve been keeping a spare inner tube and various bits for side of the road repairs.

stm-jet-front-pocketKeeping things organised

The top front pocket is useful for keeping pens and it also has a zipped compartment for any lose change or anything that might slip out the bag.

Inside, the front pocket has again plenty of useful separate compartments as well as a space to keep an iPad, a Kindle or a notebook. In the big main compartment you put your laptop. The large version will fit a 17 inch laptop where as the medium fits a 15 inch. Then finally there’s room for any papers, cycling magazines or anything else you’d like to place in the back.


I’ve been really impressed with the STM bag. It’s clear to see a lot of thought has gone into it. As someone who cycle commutes into work with their laptop or is often carrying their laptop off to meetings in other offices, countries etc then it’s the perfect bag. If you want a more general purpose bag then the STM Jet Laptop bag isn’t for you as the compartments are very specifically designed for business purposes.

Review score: 5/5

Costs £42.50-£60. To find out more visit the STM website.

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