Still time for the perfect valentines gift!

If it isn’t yet 2.30pm UK time then you still have time to order your better half a good valentines day gift!

Amy from Cyclodelic in London does a very cool range of fashionable cycling gear for women. She is offering free express postage which means as long as you order by 2.30pm on Friday the 12th (today!) you will get it guaranteed for Saturday.


A couple of products that are worth taking a look at are the Magpie & chainring print silk scarves (with 30% off). The reflective cuffs and the tool/makeup bags.

Also the very cool saddle bag shown here on the right.

I really like Amy’s approach to cycling products and I’m sure they will appeal to a lot of women. They are definitely much more unique than what you would find in most bike shops.

Note that I don’t get any percentage of the sales or fees for mentioning the products I just think they may appeal to some of you.

Checkout the Cyclodelic website or find Amy on Twitter

If on the other hand you are single then.. money saved! Perhaps spend it on a bike fit? And also good chance to go out for a decent long bike ride.

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One Response to Still time for the perfect valentines gift!

  1. Dan 16/03/2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Come on Andreas, not all cyclists are men!


    Great blog btw

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