Start of the day for a cyclist

I really enjoyed Fat Cyclist’s (3rd in our Top 50 bike blogs list) post with his morning routine for getting out of the door and onto the bike. So I thought I would share my experience:

  • 8.30 Wake up to the sweet melodies of my favourite Bloc Party song that has since been ruined due to setting it as my alarm tone.
  • 8.30 Fall out of bed and onto the hard floor thus waking up my girlfriend
  • 8.31 Wait for my housemate to use the toilet who always seems to get the call of nature at the same time as I do
  • 8.33 Use toilet
  • 8.34 Bump into bike in corridor on my way into kitchen
  • 8.34 Swear at bike
  • 8.35 Prepare food for work that should have been prepared the day before
  • 8.40 Apologise to bike for swearing at it earlier
  • 8.40 Place everything I need into my bag including bike chain and food for work
  • 8.45 Head upstairs and get back into bed making sure to wake girlfriend up again to get more attention off her
  • 9.00 Realise that if I leave for work now I will be late
  • 9.10 Get prepared to go by putting bike gear on: helmet, gloves, jacket
  • 9.11 Kiss girlfriend goodbye, head back downstairs, carry bike out to front yard
  • 9.11 Get on bike
  • 9.11 Get off bike
  • 9.12 Run back upstairs to pick up wallet and phone
  • 9.13 Run downstairs
  • 9.13 Onto bike realising I have 1 minute to get to work on time
  • 9.14 Frantically pedal through the streets of London
  • 9.34 Arrive at work late
  • 9.34 Get funny looks off boss
  • 9.34 Go grab a shower

Post your routine in the comments so I can compare how disorganised I am compared to everyone else!

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

2 Responses to Start of the day for a cyclist

  1. Sam 18/07/2009 at 3:24 pm #

    I read that as well!! I am usually fairly well organised but have allowed myself to be disuaded by the rain!! And the fact that it is half an hour quicker to go by car – unusual I know!!

  2. Craig 18/07/2009 at 6:51 pm #

    Well I reckon I slim lined it when I cycled to work. But then I had no girlfriend to slow me down. Now I have a wife and two kids it takes me a week to get out on a bike.
    8:00 up/ bio break
    8:05 cereal
    8:10 dress
    8:15 Load pannier pre-loaded with clean clothes
    8:15 Leave
    8:30 Pull into work
    8:35 shower

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