Should cyclists in the UK be allowed to go through certain red lights?

Traffic lights

With the recent news that France has granted cyclists the right to disregard red lights at certain junctions ("Griller les feux"), perhaps such a rule no longer seems far fetched for the UK.

The initial trial involves 15 intersections in Paris. Under the new rules cyclists will have to continue to yield to pedestrians and opposing traffic.

According to a write up in the Telegraph, the measures will make roads safer for cyclists which in turn will encourage more people to cycle. Initial results of trials held in Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Nantes led to no rise in the number of accidents. Scandinavia and Germany have also already applied the rule.

Interestingly, the text for the new rule states “Experience shows that adding specific traffic lights for cyclists can create confusion for motorists”. This runs counter to TfL’s new plans for Bow Roundabout which will involve the UK’s first ever phased traffic lights.

Implementing the rule in the UK is far less costly than building cycling infrastructure. An area which historically has received disproportionately low funding compared to the levels of usage.

I’m sure most cyclists would like to see both measures introduced – although I am assuming and hence why I want to open this post up to debate. Leave your comment below and remember, as always, keep it friendly.

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

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