Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount

If you want to mount your Samsung Galaxy S 2 to your bike handlebars then the Tigra mount may be just what you are looking for. As I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy S 2, I asked on Twitter if anyone would be up for helping me review one. Fortunately Gordon of Red Lantern Cycling and Neil enthusiastically put their hands up for the test. This review is based on their thoughts on the mount.

Quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount

  • Bike mount costs £29.95
  • Waterproof
  • Should fit most sized handlebars as long as you have space on the bars
  • Available from the Cyclewiz

Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount review


After a quick installation on the bicycle handlebars the Samsung Galaxy S 2 fits perfectly inside the case. The mount can be installed on either the handlebars or the stem. The good news is that using the 360 degree swivel it’s easy to twist it into position that you prefer. However, due to the design of the mounting mechanism if you place it on the stem it does not sit in the middle of the stem. It is slightly off to one side. With road vibrations it makes you a little nervous the mount will come lose. However, after many rides that hasn’t happened and the mount feels secure.

The mount was also tested during the heavy rain. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 survived to tell the tale. Water was kept at bay by the inner lining. Although Gordon reported a couple of drops got between the case and the inner lining however they never reached the phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount allows you to use your camera while the phone is in the case. This works fine and means you could use your Samsung Galaxy S 2 to record your ride. Unfortunately, the flash is obstructed by the case and hence pictures in the dark won’t come out.

There is also access to the MicroUSB connector through a rubber flap on the mount. This means the S 2 can be charged while in the mount. The only port that cannot be accessed is the headphone port which means you couldn’t attach headphones. All the external buttons are easy to press while it is inside the mount.

Using apps such as the new Garmin Fit app and Endomondo the mount allows you to see useful stats on your ride. It’s an impressive setup. Although, arguably, the most useful function is to follow directions to a new destination you haven’t cycled to before. For this the screen is bright enough to be seen through the thin film that protects it from the rain. Although, occasionally in direct sunlight visibility does suffer. The only way to solve this is to turn up the brightness on the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

The major downside to the mount is the size. As the Samsung Galaxy S 2 has a 4.3” screen it makes it a very big phone. The case is also pretty huge and sometimes that feels a little uncomfortable on the handlebars. This is where a dedicated cycle computer such as a Garmin GPS wins out.

Overall, the mount is impressive. Neil gives it an 8 out of 10. Gordon says it’s unlikely it will replace his Garmin GPS but admits the possibilities of accessing different apps from your handlebars is exciting.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount is available for £29.95 from CycleWiz.

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3 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S 2 bike mount

  1. botogol 08/11/2011 at 9:41 am #

    I dunno,.. in the last six monhts I’d say
    – light fallen off once
    – speedo fallen off twcie
    – pump fallen off once

    I’d hestitate to mount my £400 smartphone on my bike….

    • Andreas 08/11/2011 at 10:10 am #

      Either your commute is across incredibly rough terrain or you need to really put some elbow grease into tightening these parts onto your handlebars!

  2. Simon 16/09/2012 at 6:54 pm #

    I bought this product, unpacked it and even didn’t risk to have a single ride with it. Visible gaps at the seals – tried to keep it on the light shower (without the phone inside) and of course the water got inside, it means it’s not waterpoof. The mounting mechanism wobles, overall plastic looks very poor. The only thing I liked is the screen membrane, which looks having anti-glare properties.

    Lastly, why the Andreas article is called “review”..? It’s pure commercial, and quite misleading. 30 quids for this unusuable and potencialy disastress for your phone plastic box… 🙁

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