Monthly roundup– September’s cycling in London


Skyrides, tube strikes, winter cycling gear, puncture proof tyres and ArtCrank. There is certainly never a dull month for cycling in London! It seems for the month ahead everyone is thinking about winter cycling. That includes Boris Bikers who’ve been emailing me asking me what gear I would recommend. If you’re planning to keep going this winter then I’m with you all the way with plenty of good, motivational advice! 

October will also be an exciting one for me as I’ll be working to bring you guys two more useful mobile applications. The first of which is the long promised Android version of the Bike Doctor app. I’ll also be adding 6 more repairs to Bike Doctor. This will bring the grand total from 24 to an impressive 30. The second application remains unannounced so you’ll have to keep your eye on the blog to see what I have in-store for you!

Fellow London Cyclists

Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening on fellow cycling blogs:

Coming up next month on London Cyclist..

  • I’ll be covering the London Cycle Show with all the latest tech and so forth for the year ahead.
  • We’ll be launching two new mobile phone applications! Both of which I’m sure a lot of people are going to find very useful.
  • “Forum Friday’s” including: Your bike maintenance – do you do it yourself or take it to a bike shop?
  • Helmet cams roundup – as a lot of people have been asking about this..
  • Tips to help you keep cycling this winter.

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