Monthly Roundup – May’s cycling in London

This month in London

  • The Cycle Hire Scheme is henceforth known as “Barclays Cycle Hire”. At least the investment may help the scheme expand – something I feel is crucial to its success (Or at least crucial to me using it as I live just outside the zone of coverage!)
  • The London Cycle Challenge was opened for registration and London Cyclist joined up. During June our aim is to cycle as many miles as possible. Join the team!
  • Smoke inhalation is something we are now being told to worry about. New research suggests cyclists breathe in far more fumes than pedestrians and drivers causing health problems such as heart disease in the longer term.

Grabbing a bargain


Evans Cycles currently have their big sale on the go and the prices are pretty good on certain items. For example I’m currently investing in some new panniers and they have the Altura Arran 16 for just 24.99, which I couldn’t find cheaper anywhere else. Take a look and see if there is anything you fancy:

Cycling Villains..

clarkson-225x300 Jeremy Clarkson is one of this months cycling villains as tube users may have noticed with a new advert which promotes his book as “Develop your dislike for cyclists, vegetarians and Canada”. Jonathan brought this to my attention and encouraged people to complain to ASA about the advert.

As important as Jeremy Clarkson may think he is, he is not important as this months next cycling villain. It is none other than the new Transport minister who was quoted in the Evening Standard as being too scared to cycle in London. He also joked that cyclists should have mirrors fitted to their bikes.

Best quote I received in my inbox

“The best advice I can give is to treat everyone (apart from yourself) as a homicidal maniac with a very low IQ who will try to kill you at every opportunity. Once this is firmly embedded in your brain you will ride accordingly.” Johnny

Charity events and links

Of course as we head towards the summer the number of charity cycling events explodes and so do the cycling projects. Here is a selection:

What you missed out on in the newsletter

I’m happy to say the London Cyclist newsletter has reached the milestone of 600 subscribers! If you join you get tips such as how to save money with all cycling purchases and advice such as what 3 close calls taught me about cycling in London. You also get a chance to enter exclusive competitions such as the recent Evans Cycles free repair giveaway which was worth £120. It is the best way to keep in touch with London Cyclist and you can join by using the form in the top right.

Next month in one sentence..

I’m testing out the cycle superhighways with TfL, I’m being interviewed by Sky News about the Cycle Hire Scheme and bike week launches. All of which will of course be covered here on London Cyclist!

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

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