Monthly Roundup – July’s cycling in London

What a crazy month for cycling in London. The first two superhighways and the cycle hire scheme were both launched. From now on we will be seeing plenty of people travelling around on Boris Bikes. Here on London Cyclist I was busy doing some launches of my own. The downloadable Guide to Cycling in London got a strong reception and I’m pleased to say various people have emailed me to say thanks. The newsletter also received a lot of love this month as we reached 1,500 subscribers which is 500 more than I had aimed for!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has joined and I hope you will enjoy the content I’ll be sending!

But enough about London Cyclist and blowing my own trumpet. Here are what some of my lovely fellow cycling bloggers have been up to..

Fellow London Cyclists


London goes Cycle Hire Mad


I don’t know if you’ve heard but the cycle hire scheme launched yesterday. Yeah, no, really. Here’s some highlights of the launch day coverage:

  • 6 Silly ways to use the London Cycle Hire Scheme. Tom Hall
  • There has been some protesting surrounding the Barclays sponsorship of the scheme with stickers placed on some of the bikes.
  • Londonist also takes a look at the different cycle hire apps to assess which is the best one of the ones available so far.
  • TimeOut has created a guide to the scheme.
  • Barclays have defended the marketing of the scheme
  • BoJo bikes, VeLondon and Boris Bikes are three of the popular names emerging for the scheme

Coming up next month..


London’s first bike valeting restaurant, Ixon IQ bike light review, The swiss army knife of bike shops – MiCycle shop review, 5 things you can fined for, Android apps for cyclists, 37 quick cycling tips and the campaign to saves the posties wages on. I also want to publish one more bit of content from my eBook as a little preview to those that have not yet downloaded. Also if all goes to plan another big announcement from London Cyclist (feel free to spread wild rumours)..

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2 Responses to Monthly Roundup – July’s cycling in London

  1. GM 02/08/2010 at 3:33 pm #

    PLEASE don’t call them Boris bikes. They weren’t his idea.

  2. Pete 03/08/2010 at 9:43 am #

    Yeah but come on Bojo bikes is funny! Have to admit though I hadn’t heard Velondon I quite like that too!

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