The MITIE London Revolution is once again open for registrations


I used to turn up my nose to events like the MITIE London Revolution. “Pah! Why ride in a big group. I’d rather just ride it myself.”. Then one year, I gave it a try and found out I rather enjoyed it. Now I find myself looking forward to the next one. I’m not the only one. London Cyclist contributor Sam has also written about his experiences of the ride.

How come they are so enjoyable?

Before the ride, I always find there’s the excitement and anticipation. Have I got all my gear? Will I make it all way to the finish line? Have I showed off to enough people that I’ll be riding 180 miles this weekend?

Then on the day, there’s something quite electrifying about the group atmosphere. You turn up and find all these cyclists getting ready. It makes a nice change from the daily commute, to be riding together in a group, discovering new parts of London.

The best part for me, is when you really relax in to the ride. I find my mind wondering off in unimportant directions. It’s quite a zen experience and the miles go by quickly.

When you finish there’s always that jubilant feeling. You tell yourself “I did it!”. You feel filled with a great sense of achievement. It’s small challenges like this I like to push myself to complete.

Of the many rides available to cyclists in the UK, the London Revolution ranks among the most well organised. Everything is considered. From training plans and kit guides before the ride, to well signposted routes and everything you need at the pitstops. There are even guides along the way that will join you and help you get the most out of the experience.

It allows you to just focus on your cycling and not worry about anything else.

Registrations for the ride are open now via the London Revolution website. You can either ride the entire route or if you feel like a smaller challenge, before tackling the big one, you can choose one of the days to ride.

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