The London Cyclist Handbook


A guide to life in the cycle lane

London Cyclist Handbook CoverWritten by the author of London’s most popular cycling blog, and using years of experience and contributions from readers, the London Cyclist Handbook is your complete guide to life in the cycle lane.

Early review:
“One of the best things about cycling in London is the weekly Blog, “London Cyclist” produced by the author of this book Andreas. It is a warm, humorous,informative and helpful weekly look and review of cycling issues. Tips on on repairing bikes, reviews of new products, suggested rides in the capital. This book contains a collection of all this and more and in my view is essential reading for all London cyclists. I would say though that even if you didn’t live in London you would still enjoy and be helped by the articles. Andreas maintains in the book his warm friendly style which has already endeared him to thousands of London cyclists who now feel part of his cycling family. You feel he is one of you a fellow cyclist not the expert lecturing or guiding but your best mate who has lots of great cycling tips to pass on. Recommended without reservation. buy this book.” Tim Benson via Amazon.

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From getting started,
to taking things up to the next level

Getting started

For those who are looking to join the cycling revolution, the getting started section will help you choose the right bike for you, get the key accessories you’ll need and take your first ride in to work.


  • How to get a bargain on a new bike purchase
  • How to buy a second hand bike
  • The secrets to staying safe on London’s roads.
  • How to make your bike theft proof

Love London

Discover the best that London has to offer for cyclists. From the best bike shops, to cycle cafes and bicycle collectives where you are invited to repair your bike yourself and learn from the pro’s.


  • The best cycle friendly back routes through London
  • Free bike maintenance classes
  • Unmissable cycling events in London
  • Where to get your bike fitted

Gear Guide

This section guides you through the often dazzling array of gear available for cyclists to select the best gear for you. Discover the products that stand out in practicality, design and performance.


  • Stylish cycling gear directory
  • What footwear you should wear for cycling
  • The best way to carry things on your bike
  • The best upgrades for your bike

Lazy Cyclist’s Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

Not all cyclists are mechanically minded. This section is for those of us who want to be able to perform the basic maintenance tasks without too much trouble.


  • The two things you need to do to keep your bike running smoothly
  • Avoiding punctures
  • How to correctly setup your bike
  • How to painlessly complete the three most common repairs

The Urban Cyclist

From storage solutions for your bike in a small flat, to knowing what to do if your bike is ever stolen. This section has a ton of useful advice for experienced cyclists.


  • What to do if you are ever in an accident
  • The best apps for cyclists
  • Teaching your child to ride a bike
  • Overcoming three common problems new commuters face

Go Big or Go Home

This section is about what comes after falling in love with your bike and you start commuting to work. It’s about stepping things up and taking part in longer rides.


  • How to find and join a cycling club that is suitable to you
  • How to find fellow cyclists to ride with
  • How to take part in your first sportive
  • How to get involved in cycle campaigning

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How to get hold of your eBook copy

The London Cyclist Handbook is available through the Amazon Kindle store. It can be read on all devices, including iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, laptop, iPhone.

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