What you want from London Cyclist in 2011

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Last Wednesday I posted up a survey to find out what everyone wanted from London Cyclist in the new year. An impressive 438 people responded within a week! Thank you to you all.

I wanted to post up the responses here and give some insider information on where I’ll be taking London Cyclist in the new year. This post should help you get an idea of what to expect as well as act as a reminder for me to keep pushing out the content you guys want to see.

What type of cyclists frequent London Cyclist


As expected the vast majority of London Cyclist followers are commuters. A lot of people also use their bike for leisure.

Who’s joined the newsletter


Apparently most of you is the answer to that question! That is positive to see and in 2011 I want to keep delivering lots of good exclusives to newsletter subscribers.

What content you want to see more and less of


A score of 3 was the average for “About the same”. Therefore, anything above that is more of and anything below is less of. According to the results the only thing people wanted to hear slightly less about was Boris Bikes.

Right at the top that I’ve largely been ignoring is Bicycle maintenance tips and great places to cycle in London. Therefore, in the new year, I’ll do a new series of Bicycle maintenance videos and tips. I’ve already got the London Cycle Routes eBook out but I’ll try and occasionally look into offering some new routes.

It looks like you guys would also like to see more cycling technique tips and safe cycling tips. So I’ll step up my game on that front.

From the results I’m happy to report the Comment Fridays are well enjoyed so I’ll definitely be continuing those.  The gear coverage also seems well appreciated so we’ll have more reviews of great cycling gear.

Have you ever recommended London Cyclist?

Around 40% of you said you had recommended London Cyclist. Here is what some people had to say about the blog:

“The best blog about cycling in London”, “Friendly chatty for real people.”, “Told my cyclist boyfriend he should give it a read”, “If you ride a bike, read this blog”, “Interesting and accessible”, “Cycling mecca for London”, “Mentioned it to friends at the pub”, “Maintains your excitement for cycling!” and  “Great blog that you need to read”


What the future holds

Apart from content that I’ve mentioned previously here is what else to expect.

Bike Doctor and London Bike Shop

The Bike Doctor iPhone and Android app that shows you how to repair your bike should be getting a series of updates. These have been slow to arrive as the developer hasn’t had much time to devote to the application. However, in the new year someone else should be taking over his role.

As for London Bike Shop we’ll soon be adding bike rental places and also hopefully discount codes for some of the bike shops in the app.

Another two eBooks

I’ve got two new ideas for eBooks that I think haven’t been covered elsewhere and there seems to be a lot of interest in.

Hiring a writer

I’m keen to have someone help me out with some of the writing on the blog. I’ve already had a couple of applications but if this is something you might be interested in then drop me an email.

Here’s to 2011 on London Cyclist!

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  1. Lenny 09/12/2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Amazing and interesting adta, well done London Cyclist !!

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