Last minute Valentine’s day gifts for cyclists

Is it that time of the year already?

The 14th of February comes around quickly and a few of us might have been caught out! But that’s fine, if the woman or man of your dreams is a cyclist.

Buying a small thoughtful, or a big extravagant gift for a cyclist is easy, there’s always plenty to choose from and it’s nice to know that your gift will get plenty of use.

For a few ideas, checkout this rather wonderful page on new website, Inkling.

The site is focused on gift ideas and I was kindly invited to be the editor of the cycling category.

So, let me run through some ideas! You’ll find links to all of these on my Inkling page.

Fibre Flare Bike Light

I tested out the Fibre Flare bike light and loved it. It’s bright, it gives you all round visibility and it’s fun. It’s the kind of gift I’ would instantly start playing around with if I received.

Union 34 Capital Women’s Waterproof Cycle Jacket

Union 34 jacket

Everyone is always talking about cycling clothing that hits the sweet spot: A cross between functional and yet practical. This waterproof jacket does exactly that, with a flattering fit and reflective features.

Respro High-Viz bag cover

respro bag cover

When the rain comes out, it feels like every cyclist in London is wearing this cover on their backpack. Not only is it great for keeping your bag dry and free from road muck, it’s also highly visible. At £23, this is a nice affordable gift.

Lezyne Zectro Drive Light Set

Lezyne bike lights

When I first read about the Lezyne Zecto bike lights, I wanted a pair to replace my ageing bike lights. They are small and powerful, giving great 180 degree visibility. As with so many new bike light designs these days, they are rechargeable. The quick fitting strap gives this light extra bonus points.

Topeak Tri-Bag 

Topeak tri bag

At £13.95, this little bag is light on the wallet, and a gift that you’ll use daily. It is quick to attach and remove and perfect for storing all those items you want to quickly reach: mobile phone, wallet, keys. Built for the British weather, the Topeak Tri-Bag comes with a rain cover.

Tern Link Uno folding bike

Tern Link Uno folding bike

My grandad always taught me to start with small gifts, and then build you way up. If you’ve reached to the level where you’re buying someone a bike for valentines day, then your relationship must be going pretty well! This Tern Link Uno folding bike gives you all the benefits of a folding bike, without the huge cost (£330). Perfect for those without that much space in their home to store a bike, or who’s daily commute involves a train ride.

Specialized Dolce X3

Dolce X3 road bike

I’d love to see you try to wrap this gift up in wrapping paper! The Dolce is a great road bike for anyone looking for a speedy commute or wanting to get involved in cycling events (London Nightride anyone?).
Any cyclists out there willing to share any other suggestions, leave a comment below!

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One Response to Last minute Valentine’s day gifts for cyclists

  1. Vincent 10/02/2014 at 2:28 pm #

    “Tern Link Uno folding bike” : Fine bike if the rides don’t involve any hills. Otherwise, get a few more gears

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