Knights of the cycle path

cycle-pathWhen you get a puncture and you start repairing it on the side of the road it’s always a little heart warming when someone stops to offer assistance. A reader recently shared this experience:

I have been visiting your site for more than a few months now and
really enjoy your articles but was wondering after my experience last
night if you would consider writing about one thing that does make a
difference in a cyclist’s life is a fellow cyclist.

I’ll be as brief as I can but yesterday I was on my usual evening
ride along the grand union Canal just before Ladbroke Grove (going
into Paddington) when my rear derailleur got caught up in my back rear

All I had to do before the ride was adjust the limit screw but
thought "oh I’ll fix that when I get back…"

Anyways, while attempting to fix it a number of cyclist’s shot past
me, one ninja thought it would be fun to swerve in my direction, oh I

When almost done with a temporary repair to get me home, a cyclist
stopped and offered his help, I did not require it at this point but I
have to say just the fact he offered brightened up the ride back and
will make the pain of buying a new derailleur, cable and truing my
rear wheel a lot less painful.

So yeah never leave a small repair till later but also I thought you
might like to "give a shout out" to those unknown cyclists who bother
to help a fellow cyclist when they seem in need, it is always

Have you ever stopped to help someone or been offered help when you are stuck on the bike path?

Image via AntPhotos Flickr licenced under Creative Commons

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