Guide to all the amazing cycling deals currently available

Someone was busy enlightening me about the real meaning of Christmas, when suddenly I got distracted by a huge Chain Reaction Cycles banner that said “£50 voucher for every £100 you spend”. Yes, tis’ the season to spend any money you do or, in the most likely case, don’t have left over from the recession.

The cycle retailers are locked in a vicious battle to outdo each other with discounts. If you’ve been eyeing some excellent cycling gear then now is a good time to jump on the discounts. So what’s on offer?


Wiggle, the cycle retailer that started off as a small independent bike shop in Portsmouth and is now in the process of expanding to Russia and China, has two major vouchers.

There’s £10 off for any order over £75 by using the code UK10 and there’s £15 off if you use the code UK15 for any orders over £100.

They’ve also got some fairly big savings on bikes which you would normally only find after Christmas. They seem to be selling out of the 2011 models pretty fast though. Therefore, unless you want to ride around on a bike two sizes too small for you, you may already be out of luck.

Perhaps the best deal is the 25% off selected Boardman bikes. For details on how to get that visit this page. The Boardman bikes are known to be pretty good value for money anyway, so if you’ve been getting temptations to switch over to a road bike then now may be the time.

Wiggle Christmas Discounts

Chain Reaction Cycles

I needed a new pair of toe straps recently so I excitedly rushed over to Chain Reaction Cycles to purchase them. As is always the case – the only thing that didn’t seem to be discounted was the one thing I wanted.

However, there are some other great bargains on offer. Chain Reaction Cycles will match Wiggles offer. For £75 spends there is £10 off, £15 off £100, £25 off £250 and £50 off £1000.

The big headline grabber is of course the £50 off when you spend £100. The bad news this has to be redeemed within two weeks of you getting the voucher and the basket size has to be over £100.

There is also 20% off gift vouchers.

The full details on all the Chain Reaction Cycles vouchers can be found here:

Chain Reaction Cycles Vouchers

Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles of course aren’t to be outdone and they’ve been knocking percentages off their bikes too.

Evans Cycles Christmas discount

In particular, it is worth keeping an eye on their price drop section.

The full details on the Evans Cycles vouchers can be found below:

Evans Christmas Deals

Your local retailer

Whilst obviously a local retailer isn’t moving the same number of goods and so can’t quite match online retailers on prices, you just can’t beat the service. Not only do you get great advice in an independent store but you also help prevent the world becoming just one giant Tesco.

If you’ve spotted any bargains you think fellow readers would like then please do feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. Simon 08/12/2011 at 10:53 am #

    I subscribed to the Newsletter in August 2010, using a unique email address unused eleswhere. I unsubscribed a few months later, telling Andreas that the email address had found its way to spammers’ mailing lists. In the past week there’s been a fresh spate of spam using that address, from senders like RubyRewards, SPGaming Club. Why a fresh spate, I wonder. Andreas, you’ve not sold your subscriber’s list have you? Have you done anything to improve your site security, to ensure that you meet your Data Protection Act and other responsibilities? What is your Data Protection Register number? I’ve not been able to find it on the ICO search page.

    • Andreas 08/12/2011 at 11:12 am #

      Hi Simon –

      I appreciate your message and your concern. I hate spam as much as the next person so I can see why you’d like to know how this could happen.

      Here what we do to ensure your data privacy.

      Our e-mail is managed by Aweber. Absolutely no-one has access to it aside from myself and Aweber who send out the emails. They are a trusted company used by millions and you can find out about them here:

      Your data would never be sold. This would be completely pointless for me to do this as I’d much rather build up a good relationship with everyone who decides to join London Cyclist.

      London Cyclist is secured not only through keeping WordPress up to date, using a Firewall and having a reliable host but also through who constantly monitor the site for any break-ins.

      The eShop is a hosted solution managed by Shopify. Again, it is a widely trusted company. Payments only ever go through Paypal or Google Checkout so I never, ever have access to anyone’s credit card details. This ensures a high level of security and I’ve never had an issue reported to me.

      If you are receiving spam then the chances are the spammer has guessed your email address. I recommend using a services such as Google Mail which filters out 99% of spam. It is highly unlikely that your address was accessed through the London Cyclist mailing list.

      If I can answer any more questions then please do get in touch – there’s a contact form here:


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