Go on be nosy.. what’s in your bag?

Being nosy is the reason TV shows like “Through the keyhole” became so popular. It’s why we can’t help but peek through the window of a house as we cycle past. It’s why we are so tempted to read over someone’s shoulder what message they are texting! Perhaps the last one is just me? One thing I’ve always wanted to be nosy about but haven’t been able to is what people carry around with them in their bag whilst cycling?

For me my usual setup is as follows:

What is in my bag?

I have a horrible big pump from BikeHut that I’ve been meaning to replace, tyre levers, spare inner tube, Allen key and spanner. The spanner is necessary as I don’t have quick release wheels (a pain but more effort for bike thieves so actually a good thing). Then of course my trusty iPhone, pen and pad for notes (often interviewing people for the blog) and wallet (usually empty – just in case one of you is thinking of robbing me!).

Naturally my two bike locks and keys are also usually in the bag.

Recently, I’ve been carrying around the puncture repair tools less and less because they feel so unnecessary as I’m always around central London. Though, I’m sure the day I have to pay the nearest bike shop an extortionate fee for a simple puncture repair I won’t be happy!

In the interest of my nosiness but also in case there are some good tips.. what do you carry around with you in your bag?

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