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There’s a new site on the block called Newsflare. It’s a place for people to upload their newsworthy videos which are then syndicated to news organisations. Any clips that are sold, you then get paid.

To promote it, they’ve decided to partner up with London Cyclist for the Olympics and Paralympics. If you’ve got helmet cam videos, traffic videos or any such newsworthy content in and around London then upload it to to our London Cyclist assignment on Newsflare:–win-50-bike-gift-voucher

The best clips will show the good and bad points of being a cyclist in the City, and will convey a unique cyclist’s perspective of London as it hosts the biggest event of 2012. News organisations are looking for this content right now and if your video gets picked up, then you’ll get paid. The best video received will win a £50 bike gift voucher which can be redeemed at many local bike shops. The voucher will be drawn on 17th September.

Checkout our London Cyclist assignment here and get started:–win-50-bike-gift-voucher

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.

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