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Competition: How far would you have to ride to generate enough energy to power an electric oven?

Uniqlo have launched their “convert your energy” campaign. Using kinetic energy pads, customers can generate power through movement. The promotion is related to the new HEATTECH gear that is now being sold in stores and online. Needless to say, the promotion is perfectly timed for the coming winter chills! (And will be particularly good for […]

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The Olympic Legacy: How to get involved with track cycling

This is a guest post. The London 2012 Olympics brought a sporting master class to one of the World’s most vibrant cities. Record numbers of individuals were in attendance, and in every corner of the globe people were transfixed to their television screens. The global nature of the Olympics is one of the elements that […]

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Another (surprising) reason to cycle

We’ve all heard of the common reasons to cycle. It keeps you fit, you avoid the congested underground and it’s cheaper. However, there’s a new reason I just came across, that I was wondering if you guys would agree with. I’m currently reading The Power of Habits. It’s a fascinating book that I’d recommend to […]

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Getting around maps issues on iOS6

I know that a large number of readers on London Cyclist use the iPhone combined with a bike mount to navigate using Google Maps. As of iOS 6, Apple have removed Google Maps and replaced it with Apple Maps. Unfortunately, it appears they’re a fair way off the kind of accuracy you’ve grown to expect […]

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Cardiff charity ride

A good friend of mine, has been asked to raise funds for a local charity by organising a cycling event. If you believe you’ll be finding yourself anywhere near Cardiff on Sunday 23rd of September, then do consider taking part in the ride. The funds will help support the work of the local Ty Hapus […]

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A guide to the Tour of Britain for the uninitiated

This summer, cycling heroes such as Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy brought the games and cycling in particular to the forefront of many people’s attention, through exciting performances. Even the traditionally less popular events such as the BMX racing has had people checking out the latest BMX bikes, with bike shop retailers reporting a jump […]

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Google Maps vs CycleStreets: Battle for the best route planner

Which is the best service to use when you are planning your cycle route? I needed to cycle up to Hampstead to see a friend, so I decided to put the two route planners to the test. Entering my route I loaded up the two services in to my web browser. On Google Maps, it […]

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Favourite moment from the Olympics?

As soon as the medals started coming in, it’s clear most people changed their views about the Olympics and enjoyed the spirit of the games. Whilst there’s no doubt there’s plenty of controversy behind it all, I thought today would be a good time for to hear some of your experiences from the games. I’ve […]

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Made In England: The artisans behind the hand built bicycle

Matthew Sowter, a reader of London Cyclist blog, is soon launching a new book around bespoke bike building. With the interest in this topic being high, I invited him along to share some details on the forthcoming book launch. With more and more people wanting bespoke these days, there’s a huge resurgence of frame building […]

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Riding the London Revolution with the Foffa Geared Bike

It’s with a combination of excitement and fear that you set off on a 100 mile bike ride. Fortunately, Foffa had lent me their, as yet unreleased, Geared Road Bike to complete the challenge in. Introducing the London Revolution The London Revolution is a new sportive by Threshold Sports. The route follows a 180 mile […]

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steve mcqueen solex 1971

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport

The electric bike isn’t a replacement for a bicycle. It’s the replacement for a car or a motorbike. That’s the line Guy Wheeler of Leftfield Bikes used when he got in touch with me a while back. It’s an interesting view and as I continue to be surprised that electric bikes haven’t gained more traction […]

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Three cycling products that make me laugh but shouldn’t

The Bike-Hod bicycle trailer Cost: £299 from Bike Hod website. I spotted this product a couple of years ago when it was recommended by Andy who left a comment on the blog: “When I was at college I carried my ‘cello around using the Bike-Hod. It’s coped with 24 bottles of champagne (and 12 litres […]

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