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Jeremy Clarkson’s journey to becoming a cycling evangelist

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is not the first person you’d think of as an advocate for mass-cycling. Recently though, he’s had his moments. In 2012 ‘Jezza’ shocked the cycling world by endorsing Danish-style segregated cycle lanes. Of Copenhagen, he said: It’s fan-bleeding-tastic. And best of all: there are no bloody cars cluttering the place […]

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Are you a Nightrider?

Join Team Shelter for this incredible 100km moonlit ride past London’s most iconic landmarks. You’ll ride over Tower Bridge, through the deserted City of London, round Canary Wharf, past the sleeping beasts in London Zoo and so much more! Limited spaces sell out fast, so make sure you secure your spot. In 2013 Shelter helped […]

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3 more crazy laws we should introduce for cyclists

There are still people in the world who maintain that it is legal to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow and arrow in Chester after sunset – technically this piece of legislation is in the book of statute and you could do it. However, common sense suggests that if you were to do so, you […]

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Specialized Allez - one of the best selling alloy bike on the market

What is your bike made of? Bike frame materials and their properties

At the very core of every bicycle, there is a frame. The material that frame is made out of has a dramatic effect on the way it rides, its durability, and cost. Every frame tells a story, so we’ve delved into some of the rationale, motivations, and infatuations behind bicycle builders decisions… Alloy Alloy is […]

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An awesome mug always heels warmer

The five best things about winter riding

When you arrive home, with feet numb like swollen ice bricks, fingers white and brittle, or soaked to the skin, winter can seem a less than fabulous time to ride a bike. But we still keep on doing it, and there have to be some very good reasons for that. Here are a few to […]

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Warming: could save your life

5 Cyclists I love to hate

The cycling community is almost like its own little nation. We all share one hobby, or ‘nationality’ – we’re all from Cyclocity (or Veloham?) – if you like. However, within Cyclocity there are a number of diverse groups. We tend to either ride alone, or in groups with our own demographic. On a weekend, roadies […]

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Zalando Cycling

Do you cycle through winter? +£40 voucher competition!

This competition is now closed! We’ve got five £40 vouchers to giveaway from Zalando – read on and leave a comment to be entered in the competition! As cyclists in London have been feeling a hint of the winter chills that are to come, readers have been asking about winter cycling gear. We’ve shared our tips […]

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Today only! 10% off all mobile phone bike mounts

You may well already know about our London Cyclist eShop where we sell these rather useful mobile phone bike mounts. My one is always mounted to my handlebars and I use it to follow bike friendly directions using apps such as BikeHub or Google Maps, I can track my route using Strava and I can […]

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Hyde park cycling map

Cycle Tourists Guide To London’s Royal Parks

Whilst cycling and London’s Royal Parks have had a turbulent relationship, they are an undeniably beautiful spot to visit on a hot day, even if you do have to leave your bike at the gate. Here is a roundup of some of my favourite spots and some of the attractions and hotels around them. I’ve […]

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10 bike stands I’d love to leave my bike in

Are you sick and tired of those boring bike stands that don’t deserve to have your beautiful bike tied to it? I’ve scoured the internet looking for the sleekest, the coolest and most outrageous bike stand designs I could find. Here they are for your viewing pleasure! 1. Giant Squid Bike Rack Nothing says I’m […]

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Why my grandad doesn’t get cycling

Does your grandad cycle? Mine doesn’t. Here’s the image my grandad has of cyclists: A bunch of lycra wearers, who ride two abreast, that avoid paying road tax and go on cycling holidays in France. Running London Cyclist, we’re bound to come to blows at times. Don’t get me wrong – I love my grandad. […]

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First ever Primera bike week starts on 14th of April

Primera Sports are hosting their very own bike week on the 14th of April. The week of events will kick off with a Mountain Bike Demo day. If you’ve been considering a MTB purchase but you aren’t completely sure what you are looking for then you can try different models out and see what features […]

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