dhb Wickham eVENT waterproof trousers review

This is a guest review by Jamie of Lock Your Bike

As much as I dislike cycling in torrential rain, I dislike public transport more.  As our summer came and went and the heavens began to open more and more frequently, I decided it was time to invest in some gear to stay dry.

A prerequisite for any cycling purchase I make is that I don’t end up looking too much like a cycling geek (call me vain), but when it comes to staying dry, I realised I had to make some concessions.

I needed a pair of waterproof over-trousers I could easily wear over my jeans should it start raining, and after reading lots of comments on Wiggle, I decided to go with the dhb Wickham eVENT waterproof trousers (£62.99 – discounted because soon going out of production).

dhb is Wiggle’s own great value clothing and accessories brand, and are constantly getting great reviews in magazines.  Whilst not the cheapest (the Altura Night Vision waterproof overtrousers are just under £40), the dhb Wickham’s are really good value for the specification.

dhb Wickham eVent: Breathability

One of the biggest complaints with waterproof trousers is the sauna-like feeling you get from moisture not being effectively relieved from your being, and turning up to work bathed in sweat is not a great look (especially as we have no showers!).  What really sold these DHB Wickham trousers to me was the promise of a breathable yet 100% waterproof material to combat this.

The construction of the trousers is excellent, with taped seams to keep the water out and a reinforced seat panel.  The DHB Wickham eVent trousers also feature a discreet reflective pipe down the sides which help with visibility in the dark, but aren’t garish in the light.  You can really tell a lot of attention has been paid to making these trousers, which is reassuring considering the cost.


Of course, after my waterproof trousers arrived, it didn’t rain for nearly two weeks but when it finally did, I got quite excited about trying them out.  The fit isn’t too baggy around the legs and the sizing guide on the Wiggle site worked for me, although a few reviewers mentioned the fit was poor for them.

I stepped out in to the heavy rain feeling invincible.  My half hour commute was actually rather enjoyable in the rain and I got to work completely dry which was a great feeling.

Review of the DHB Wickham waterproof Trousers

I’ve now worn these trousers numerous times, and keep them in my rucksack all the time in anticipation of some drizzle.  Waterproof trousers are an absolute necessity for any cyclist in the winter, and you won’t go wrong with these dhb Wickham’s!

What I did like:

  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Good breathability
  • High quality of the DHB range

What I didn’t like:

  • Slightly high price point

Where you can buy the DHB Wickham waterproof trousers:

Wiggle (£62.99) – while stocks last

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