DHB Slice cyclist backpack review

DHB slice bag on my back

I’ve got a small confession to make…

I’m somewhat bag obsessed!

I love the feeling of a good bag; that feels comfortable on my back, has pockets where I need them, keeps my bits and bobs safe and is quick to access.

That’s why we’ve had so many bag reviews in the past on London Cyclist. The Union 34, the Chrome Bravo, the STM Jet Laptop bag, the Slicks Suit 25 for carrying your suit and the Chrome Buran laptop messenger bag.

When Wiggle emailed me about the DHB Slice 30L backpack, I couldn’t resist – I hit the reply button – “I need a slice of that – send me one to review asap!”

I didn’t really make the slice pun. I like to maintain at least a moderate air of professionalism when working with bike companies.

A close up of the 30L DHB Luggit SliceThe DHB Luggit Slice (To use its full name) comes in 6 flavours (L stands for litres):

  • 15L (£23.99)
  • 25L (31.99)
  • 25L with hydration pack (£44.99)
  • 30L (£39.99)
  • 30L with hydration pack (£54.99)
  • 40L (£53.99)

You can see all of them here.

The two obvious questions are:

What size do I need?

Do I need the hydration pack?

With the 30L version I can comfortably fit my 14” laptop, bulky SLR camera and some spare clothes. In fact, I’m certain I could fit those things in the 25L version.

Where the 30L version is useful, is for a weekends worth of gear. At a push you can fit it all in there.

The hydration pack is a nice extra, especially for those cycling long distances, not having to reach down to grab their water bottle.

However, for most commuters, it isn’t really necessary.

On to the features..

Great waterproofing

Waterproof DHB bag cover

As anyone who has ever opened their bag to discover their clothes wet from the rain will tell you, a waterproof cover is a necessity. Fortunately, the DHB includes one. Its quick and easy to remove and install.

After a particular wet and windy two hour walk out in the North East Anglia, my DHB Sync jacket finally relented and my cuffs were wet. The bag however, valiantly fought on. Everything inside was completely dry.

Two pockets for your water bottles and a compartment for your laptop

The DHB Luggit Slice includes two side pockets for your water bottles. When cycling, I’ve found it a little difficult to quickly reach around and grab the bottle. My arm is having to do some rather unnatural moves, and its not good to have only one hand on the handlebars for too long.

Fortunately, the two pockets around the waist straps make up for convenience. You can easily fit any energy bars in there and quickly unzip them, without taking your eyes off the road. (Or a key card for accessing the secure garage at the bottom of your office – we can all hope right?).

If the two waist pockets are not to your liking, they can be removed.

There’s also an excellent quick access pocket at the top of the bag. This would be perfect for your keys and wallet.

Inside, there’s an uncluttered main compartment with a separate pocket for your laptop. Unfortunately the bag doesn’t include one of those clever bits at the bottom that prevents your laptop getting bashed if you put it down too far. However, its nothing that a little care and caution won’t fix.

My 14” laptop fits in comfortably and you should be able to fit in most 15” laptops too.

The front pocket at the front has separate compartments for storing your repair kit.

View inside front pocket on DHB Slice

There’s also a further open pocket, with a velcro that allows for extra quick access storage. Though, you wouldn’t want to place anything in there that may slide out.

Finally, to complete the package, there’s also straps at the front of the bag that would be great for attaching a tower or a jacket.

Overall, an excellent amount of space and a very well thought out layout.


DHB Slice on back

I’ve used the DHB bag on an almost daily basis for the past few months and it remains very comfortable. There have been some times when I’ve felt like the shoulder straps were slipping, but clipping them in or the waist strap, solves the problem.

DHB Luggit Slice Review

This would be a five star review were it not for two small issues. The first is that the bottles are too hard to reach while you are pedalling. The second is that I own another 30L bag by Northface and I feel it offers more storage space. Aside from that, this is a fantastic bag by DHB, that I’d thoroughly recommend to cyclists looking for a nice new bag.

The main features I loved were the waterproofing, the quick access pockets on the side and the look of the bag.

You can buy the DHB Luggit Slice exclusively from Wiggle currently for £39.99 by clicking here.

Quick review overview

A well thought out backpack by DHB, featuring great waterproofing and plenty of well positioned pockets. The only reason we can’t award the fifth star is the water bottles are a little hard to reach while you are pedalling.
DHB Luggit Slice 30L
Date published: 11/26/2012
4 / 5 stars

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9 Responses to DHB Slice cyclist backpack review

  1. Nick 26/11/2012 at 8:41 am #

    am I the only one who sees that rain cover do not cover the whole backpack?..

  2. Adrian 26/11/2012 at 10:12 am #

    Been using the 25L for a while, very impressed so far and the rain cover that comes with it’s own little pocket is a major plus.
    only once have I found the rain cover not covering the top of the bag and I put it down to rushing when I was late, the rest of the time it has stayed in place.

  3. Andreas 27/11/2012 at 9:12 am #

    Yeh sorry Nick – got a photo when I hadn’t adjusted it too well, plus bag was filled well beyond what I’d normally put in there – so for most commuters I think there would be space to spare on the waterproof cover. Despite my bad efforts to cover the bag it still stayed very dry so the material of the bag is also resistant to rain.

  4. alua 27/11/2012 at 10:21 am #

    How about airline-travel suitability? Not too big for carry-on? I need a new backpack soon (seams are going on mine), but I use my backpack not just for my commute, but occasional air travel too fitting carry-on size restrictions is a must. Which size would you think is best for that? (It’ll have to fit a laptop minimally.)

    • Dan 26/03/2013 at 3:02 am #

      HI Alua. If you are looking at using a dhb to travel the 40l, the biggest of the range, is designed to meet carry on luggage requierements so im sure the 30l slice would be fine. Hope my answer was not too late.

  5. Alex Quinn 27/11/2012 at 1:35 pm #

    There seems to be a very small range of bags that come in Hi-Viz. Most of mine ( and I have quite a few !!) are black. I have a local dry-cleaner that sews on reflective tape on for a few pounds.
    Andreas – Lets have a wacky home innovations blog one day. I love a bit of kit / bike customisation – Im sure others do to !!

  6. Luís P 27/11/2012 at 3:15 pm #

    I use the 30l on my commutte and it has plenty of space for everything you need clothes, phone, repair kit, etc…) the rain cover is excelent and its hiden in a bottom pocket which is great, because you dont ever leave home without it. The only thing that i realy dont like its the shoulder straps that doesnt seem to adjust properly. For the price you could ask for more. When i dont need its full capacity i use the monte campo alvoco backpack, its a portuguese brand and has 25l of capacity, and almost the same features as the dhb, but it has a more confortable shoulder straps, the only thing lacking is the rain cover, but at its price 35 euros (aproximately 28 pounds) you couldnt ask for more. Here is the link if you want to take a look http://www.montecampo.pt/alvoco

  7. goonz 27/11/2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Decent bag I tend to go into work with a much smaller sized bag though, 10lt or is it 15?

    The Deuter Race pack which I have not been able to fault yet. It is ample big enough for a shirt, repair kit and lunch and still has a little room to spare. Comes with its own fitted rain cover always attached and can be stashed in a pocket like the DHB. The shoulder straps are a plastic webbing so dont get soaked with sweat and can be wiped clean.

  8. BRIAN VOAKES 30/11/2012 at 12:19 pm #

    I bought the DHB bag that you raved about two years ago… i have loved it, except the shoulder strap is coming off of the bag, in the centre. I think the earphone wire hole makes that a weak stresspoint. its a major fault. I am trying to find a tailor who will sew it back on. It has been slowly unravelling for months.

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