Cycling to Wimbledon

After years of cheering for Tim Henman from behind a TV screen and starting every Wimbledon with “I think he’s going to win it this year” I think it’s about time I got myself to the actual tournament that has been voted “Best British Sporting Event” to see some live tennis. I want the full experience: Tents, strawberries, heads turning from side to side following the tennis ball and the sweet British summer (fingers crossed).

You may share similar aspirations. If you can get a day off work or have a free weekend then why not. Here’s how you go about getting Wimbledon tickets and getting yourself there by bike.

Cycling to Wimbledon to see Roger Federer

How to get Wimbledon Tickets

Put together with the help this great post on Londonist detailing How to queue and also the information on British Tennis website.

You generally have three options. The first is to look the night before on the Ticketmaster website at around 8.30pm to see if you can get a ticket online. The second is to queue on the day from Gate 3 and the third is to queue overnight to maximise your chances in Wimbledon Park.

  • Queuing starts the night before in Wimbledon Park. The earlier you turn up the better (6-8pm). You are given a card that shows your place in the queue upon arriving.
  • You can camp overnight at Wimbledon Park where you are woken up at 6am.
  • You then queue up again and are given a ticket.
  • One ticket per person and payment in cash.
  • You will probably need to leave a bag with the left luggage (only £1 per item).

How to get to Wimbledon by bike

Two of the car parks have bicycle parking for anyone cycling to Wimbledon. This year it is car park 6 and car park 8.

I’ve contacted Wimbledon to see if people wishing to camp overnight can leave their bikes there and it doesn’t look too promising as the car parks close. Therefore, you are better off leaving your bike somewhere nearby (Making sure to lock it safely with 2 locks).

If you are looking for a nice quiet route to Wimbledon I’ve mapped one here that uses national cycle network route 37 and 20. This sets off from central London near Battersea Park and takes in part of the beautiful River Wandle which is one of the routes in the London Cycle Routes eBook.

Wimbledon Route on EveryTrail

Image via: Not enough megapixels Flickr

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As seen on The Guardian, BBC and The Independent.


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