Cycling in winter


I often manage to embarrass myself by bumping into the back of a car before I realise that it is now winter and I need to be more careful. This article will go through some of the precautions I take during the rainy winter months that help me get there dry and in one piece.


For around £10 you can stop the water from squirting up from the ground and onto your person (and those Londoners around you) with a set of mudguards. They are a very worthy investment and incredibly easy to install.


Don’t go overboard on clothing because as you cycle you will quickly warm up. Waterproof jackets, trousers and gloves are highly recommended. With Christmas coming up these are some of the useful things to get if one of your friends is a cyclist. Also, always pack a pair of spare socks because there is nothing worse than spending the day in wet socks.

Goggles & Lights

If your finding that water is getting in your eyes then a pair of cycling glasses or goggles may be very useful. Also make sure your lights as working as the days get shorter.


When breaks become wet they will take longer to stop therefore in winter I always ride slower and test my breaks frequently. Another issue with rain is puddles. Whilst it is hilarious to cycle straight into a puddle making everyone around you soaking wet you are most likely to A: stop your breaks from working B: puncture a tire or C: Fall off your bike. Finally – heavy rainy is not just a problem for cyclists but also for cars and pedestrians. Pay extra attention to those around you.

Let me know in the comments if you can think of any more things that you do differently during the winter months of cycling.

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